Layla Haidrani

Down's syndrome child
Learning Disability Practice

What people say to parents of a child with Down’s syndrome

For parents, the birth of child is always a special occasion. But for parents of babies with...

Lucy Moorhead
Primary Health Care

Making a difference with personalised care

Grasp every opportunity advises nurse practitioner in medical dermatology, Lucy Moorhead.

Mental Health Practice

Catherine Gamble: pursuit of excellence can lead to drinks at Number Ten

Catherine Gamble is head of nursing at a London mental health trust, where she is about to...

Learning Disability Practice

Daniel Marsden: treasuring extra curricular activities and staying patient

Practice development nurse Daniel Marsden explains his the guiding principles and why his...

Danielle Tiplady at a protest
Nursing Standard

Student activism can make you a better nurse

The campaign to save the bursary saw students take to the streets and social media to make...

Meningitis app cover
Nursing Standard

App review: Meningitis – Know the Symptoms

Layla Haidrani reviews the app: Meningitis – Know the Symptoms

Nursing Standard

App review: NICE Guidance

Useful quick reference to NICE guidelines - 3/5 stars

Carol Sears
Primary Health Care

Leading by example

Clinical director Carol Sears talks about her role

Shift Calendar app
Emergency Nurse

App review: Shift calendar

Layla Haidrani reviews the latest technology

Paula Allchurne
Cancer Nursing Practice

Raising standards of uro-oncological nursing care

Paula Allchorne was commended as Quality in Care’s 2016 Cancer Nurse of the Year

Julie Hall
Primary Health Care

Grasp every opportunity

Nursing or hairdressing? Julie Hall talks about her career and why she has never regretted...

Nursing Standard

Comfort through the night

Karen Titchener discusses her new service and the work of nurses who give overnight palliative care in patients’ homes.


Fundraising nurses to cycle across the United States

Couple set £100,000 goal for their two-month charity ride

Mental Health Practice

Project reduces self-harm in children and adolescents

A systematic approach to data collection has helped staff at a child and adolescent mental health service (CAMHS) unit to identify ways to cut its average length of stay by 75% and reduce incidence of self-harm among inpatients by 85%

Cancer Nursing Practice

Royal College of Nursing celebrates a century of care

Cancer nursing is one of the roles highlighted in the RCN centenary exhibition, which opened last month at the college’s London headquarters

Nursing Management

RCN launches centenary celebrations

The value of nursing leadership is highlighted in the RCN centenary exhibition, which opened last month at the college’s London headquarters

Emergency Nurse

Epilepsy passports issued to convey crucial information in emergencies

A new epilepsy passport has been created for about 60,000 children in the UK who have the the condition

Emergency Nurse

New thrombectomy treatment for stroke patients to be integrated into everyday care

A new technique to remove blood clots from arteries could soon be integrated into everyday practice to treat patients with ischaemic stroke