Layla Haidrani

Nursing Standard

App review: BECCA

Cancer Nursing Practice

Voluntary sector involvement alongside NHS crucial to enhance patients’ quality of life

Speaking at the inaugural Cancer Nursing Practice conference in Manchester, Sinead Collins discusses how Maggie's centres can help with rehabilitation in patient-centred care

Cancer Nursing Practice

Joint working proven to enhance patient care

Speaking at the inaugural CNP conference in Manchester, Tracey Coleby discusses the benefits of proactive service

Cancer Nursing Practice

Patients make the research we do relevant

Karen Turner talks about the journey from registration to her senior nurse post in the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit.

Nursing Management

‘Above all, be brave’

Sheila Burns, director of nursing at a North Carolina prison service, urges newly registered nurses to try out different career options.

Nursing Standard

App review: FamilyPlug

Nursing Older People

Don’t be afraid to speak out – you’ll be more respected for it

If you don’t like the way a service is run say so, advises Michael Hurt, head of older people and dementia at NHS Walsall Clinical Commissioning Group.

Nursing Standard

App review: eRedbook

The new digital version of the 'red book' child development record will enable healthcare professionals to manage children's healthcare and enter information from a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Ffion Pursglove
Nursing Management

'Be courageous and stand up for what you believe is right'

After winning RCN Wales mentor of the year and taking the crown for outstanding contribution to improving patient care, you could say practice facilitator Ffion Pursglove is at the top of her game. Here is why she finds mentoring rewarding.

Learning Disability Practice

Video highlights from Positive Choices 2017

Watch our interviews with nursing delegates at the learning disability conference

Nursing Older People

Dawne Garrett: ‘I love complexity’

RCN professional lead for older people and dementia care Dawne Garrett on why care of older people is the core of adult nursing

Cancer Nursing Practice

Shaping the future of oncology nursing

President of US-based Oncology Nursing Society Susan M. Schneider talks about the challenges facing the profession

Primary Health Care

'I like to bring about change'

Integration lead for homelessness Jane Cook is passionate about providing healthcare for...

Emergency Nurse

App review: NICE Guidance

Editorial assistant, Layla Haidrani reviews National Institute for Health and Care Excellence's updated app

Emergency Nurse

Treat patients like family

Advanced clinical practitioner trainee Mark Case says teamwork and technical skills are crucial – and so is knowing when to hold someone’s hand

Mental Health Practice

Motorbiking, wood-chopping and accidental running; what makes mental health nurse Ed Freshwater tick

Community mental health nurse Ed Freshwater has the medical profession in his blood. After training as a healthcare assistant, he now chairs 14,000 members of the RCN Mental Health Forum. He also has an unhealthy attachment to a log-splitting axe.