Layla Haidrani

Ruth Bradley
Cancer Nursing Practice

My job: Ruth Bradley, deputy chief executive of St Joseph's Hospice

Ruth Bradley, deputy chief executive of St Joseph’s Hospice in east London, on being...

Nurse Researcher

A passion for research

When and why did you develop an interest in research?

It was a passion of mine during my PhD studies at the University of Florida in the United States and continued to be a major priority as a junior faculty member at the University of California in San Francisco. I was one of the first researchers into pain in children.

Abby Harper-Payne
Emergency Nurse

My job: clinical research nurse Abby Harper-Payne

Clinical research nurse Abby Harper-Payne explains why working in the emergency department...

QNI award winner Sharon Aldridge-Bent with her mother Doris Aldridge
Primary Health Care

Learning to get up when you've been knocked down

Programme manager Sharon Aldridge-Brent moved into her new role in November. Here she tells...

Nursing Management

App review: Constant Therapy

An app for improving speech, memory and focus skills in people with speech-language disorders.

Nursing Standard

App review: Let’s Talk FGM

Layla Haidrani reviews an app designed to help healthcare professionals talk about FGM.

Margaret Kerr
Primary Health Care

My job: practice nurse Margaret Kerr

Practice nurse Margaret Kerr explains why the biggest challenge nurses face is time.

Caroline Chapman
Emergency Nurse

My job: Caroline Chapman

Caroline Chapman, a consultant nurse at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, explains what makes...

Andy Dennis & Tracey Hill
Nursing Standard

Cycling nurses raise more than £75,000 for charity

The two nurses completed a gruelling 4,000-mile cycle ride across the US.

Nursing Standard

App review: Vaccines in Pregnancy: MatImms

This Vaccines in Pregnancy: MatImms app was developed by researchers and clinicians after...

Mental health nurse
Nursing Standard

Nurses play ‘crucial’ role in reducing stigma around perinatal mental health

Mental health nurses can provide the right care at the right time, a leading nurse has said.

Geraldine Rodgers
Nursing Standard

My Job: nurse consultant Geraldine Rodgers

Geraldine Rodgers, nurse consultant for frailty and long-term conditions and winner of the...

Jo Lay
Learning Disability Practice

My job: nursing lecturer and disability contact, Jo Lay

Jo Lay explains why a coffee with Alan Tyne, author of The principle of normalisation: a...

Nursing Standard

App review: Breast Check Now

Layla Haidrani reviews an app that encourages breast checks in women.

Jane Chiodini
Primary Health Care

My job: independent travel health specialist nurse Jane Chiodini

Independent travel health specialist nurse Jane Chiodini explains why specialising in your...

Pat McClelland
Cancer Nursing Practice

My job: general manager of cancer and outpatient services, Pat McClelland

Pat McClelland, general manager of cancer and outpatient services, Northern Trust, Northern...

Nursing Standard

App review: Petals

Created by Coventry University, this app aims to provide information to those who are at...

Stay Focused
Nursing Management

App review: Forest: Stay Focused

The app for those needing time away from the screen.