Layla Haidrani

Nursing Standard

App review: Change4Life Be Food Smart

Primary Health Care

Enjoy it or change it

Specialist health visitor and QN, Trudi Law on why a personal loss made her realise a supporting care role would be a good fit for her.

Nursing Older People

Janet Willoughby, hospice dementia nurse

Janet Willoughby, the first dementia nurse to be appointed at the hospice where she works, is passionate about improving end of life care.

Emergency Nurse

Policy update: physical restraint in healthcare settings in England and Wales

Memorandam of Understanding clarifies when police and nursing staff should respond to incidents.

Sharon Aldridge-Bent_tile_KS.jpg
Nursing Management

My job: Queen’s Nursing Institute programme manager Sharon Aldridge-Bent

Consider what your core values are when caring for patients and never lose sight of them, Queen’s Nursing Institute programme manager Sharon Aldridge-Bent says.

Emergency Nurse

Therapeutic hypothermia will not work with children, researchers find

Researchers analysed the benefits of therapeutic hypothermia through mortality rates,...

Emergency Nurse

Grapes are common cause of food-related choking

Grapes account for the third most common cause of food-related choking after hot dogs and...

Emergency Nurse

My job: working as an emergency response nurse in war-torn countries

Medical emergency response team nurse, Ivy Muya describes how working in remote areas of...

Emergency Nurse

Book review: Deprivation of Liberty

Nurse Researcher

‘Nursing can’t be done alone’

When and why did you develop an interest in research?

After completing my master’s thesis at Emory University in Georgia, United States, I realised that I enjoyed the precise and methodological approach of scientists in their pursuit of answering compelling health problems. I started out interested in children’s health and engagement of their families and I have maintained that initial interest in promoting health and preventing disease in children.

About Me app
Nursing Standard

App review: About Me (autism passport)

An new app has been developed to improve information sharing for children and young people with a diagnosis of autism

Sheila Hollins
Learning Disability Practice

Every picture tells a story

Well-designed picture books can help nurses to approach difficult subjects with vulnerable...

Edward Baker
Emergency Nurse

My job: senior charge nurse

Senior charge nurse and lecturer practitioner, Edward baker, on how TV medical dramas...

My Pancreas App
Nursing Standard

App review: My Pancreas

Nursing Standard

App review: Sea Hero Quest

Layla Haidrani reviews a widely-publicised app designed to advance dementia research through gaming.

Nursing Standard

App review: One You Drinks Tracker

Layla Haidrani reviews an app that helps users track how much alcohol they drink.