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Talking eczema

A tool to help primary and secondary healthcare professionals improve eczema management for patients has been launched. 

The TalkingEczema tool has been developed and tested by a panel of dermatology specialists to help healthcare professionals deliver more personalised and holistic consultations. Funded by Thornton & Ross Dermatology, it addresses the physical and psychological effects of the condition, and can be used within the time constraints of a typical consultation.

The tool contains a short and simple questionnaire that patients or their parents complete to help provide the appropriate treatment. 

Complete emollient therapy is the foundation for good eczema management.  A recent survey of 500 primary care professionals (250 GPs and 250 practice nurses) found that just 4% were confident that the majority of their patients were using their emollient correctly.


Hypoglycaemia guide

Diabetic hypoglycaemia is the most common cause of problematic hypoglycaemia and is usually the result of medication. To help healthcare professionals understand and better identify early warning signs of hypoglycaemia (hypo), has developed and launched an online hypo training programme for primary healthcare professionals including professional carers. 

 In addition to giving clear information on the symptoms of hypoglycaemia along with coping mechanisms and strategies, the Healthcare Professionals’ Hypo Awareness Programme is continuing professional development certified, and provides doctors, nurses and carers with the skills they need to help people with type 1 diabetes overcome concerns about experiencing a hypo. 

The original Hypo Awareness Programme was introduced in April 2015 as a support tool for people with type 1 diabetes. This programme has been launched by in response to feedback from health care practitioners and is supported by the InDependent Diabetes Trust.

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