Matron stars in hand hygiene rap video

The importance of handwashing has been highlighted in a music video performed by hospital staff

Nurses have found an unusual way to promote hand hygiene by taking part in a rap video to remind staff, patients and visitors about how important it is to wash their hands.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust matron for surgery services Vicky Cartwright wrote lyrics to the rap and stars in the video alongside other nurses, junior doctors and management staff.

The rap is set to the music Ice Ice Baby, a 1990s hit for American rapper Vanilla Ice.

The video has been released in support of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) annual campaign to promote five critical moments when health workers need to clean their hands during patient care to avoid the transmission of healthcare-associated infections.

Hands should be washed before touching a patient, before clean or aseptic procedures, after body fluid exposure or risk, after touching a patient and after touching the patient’s surroundings, according to the WHO.

Ms Cartwright said: ‘I came up with this rap because hand hygiene is very important, especially in health care, and thought this would be a fun and memorable way to remind staff and patients.

‘I’m grateful to everyone who helped to make my rap come to life.’

To view the video click here