My job

Publishing can inspire research

MICHAEL TRAYNOR is professor of nursing policy at Middlesex University. After studying English literature at the University of Cambridge, Professor Traynor’s nursing career started at the Cambridge and Huntingdon School of Nursing. His research interests are varied and include professional identity, managerialism, job satisfaction and bibliometrics. Professor Traynor has published and presented widely and is editor of the journal Health, an interdisciplinary journal for the social study of health, illness and medicine. He has recently been appointed as the next chair of the RCN scientific committee.

When and why did you develop an interest in research?

Sometime in 1981 I pretended to have an interest in nursing research.


Yes. I was working as a volunteer in a hospital in Cambridge. It has since become a business school. I thought I would apply for nurse training and the charge nurse on the ward I was working on gave me some tips for the interview. He said: ‘If they ask you where you see yourself in the future, tell them management or research.’ They asked me so I replied: ‘Oh, management or research.’ My first research job was in South Australia where I was hired to write up the report of a qualitative study on parenting. I had worked as a nurse and health visitor before that and I remember thinking: ‘At last, a proper job’.

A ‘proper job …’?

As a nurse I always felt like