Understanding Nursing and Healthcare Research

Patricia Cronin, Michael Coughlan and Valerie Smith
£20.99 | 224pp
ISBN: 9781446241011

The 12 chapters cover key topics in the nursing and healthcare research process, including data collection, data analysis, and quantitative and qualitative approaches.

Each chapter ends with a summary of key points and peppered throughout the book are activities for the reader to undertake, and a companion website includes a critical appraisal tool.

Lecturers have access to seminar plans and PowerPoint slides for use in teaching sessions.

Theoretical concepts

The book is intended as an introductory text to facilitate understanding of research, yet the theoretical concepts in chapter 1 would suggest otherwise to students who have a limited understanding or experience of research.

By contrast, the chapters that address searching and reviewing the literature, ethical and legal issues, and rigour in research, are more appropriately pitched at an introductory level.

With the number of introductory texts out there, it is unclear to which group this book will appeal.

Reviewed by Kathleen Duffy, senior nurse practice educator, NHS Lanarkshire

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