Rudeness in nursing: taking action while showing compassion

Incivility in healthcare teams and individuals can impair performance, harm patient outcomes and make your job miserable. We look at what nurses can do to stand up to poor behaviour

Rudeness from colleagues can affect patient outcomes and impair how well other staff perform. We look at what nurses can do when they witness it

  • Unpleasant behaviour can include shouting and talking over others, and some people can be rude without realising it
  • Workplace bystanders can help support and stand up for colleagues on the receiving end of rudeness or aggression
  • Read practical advice on how to spot incivility at work and challenge it while remaining kind

Civility and respect are about how we treat each other at work. In highly pressurised NHS systems, incivility and disrespect can become commonplace, according to NHS England .

Such behaviour