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District nursing – how to capitalise on the quality consensus

The King’s Fund research looks at why is it difficult to measure the quality of care...

Nurse leader: Health visitor cuts threatening children's futures

RCN general secretary Janet Davies warns cuts are undermining previous drive to recruit...

Why including sexual health education in specialist communities is essential

Simon Dowe and Jason Warriner look at the statistics regarding sexual health education.

Oh my... look at those blisters!

Independent consultant Bethann Siviter helps a friend with an extreme case of epidermolysis...

The three Cs of health inequality

Tips to encourage patients to take an active role in their wellbeing

50 years in nursing

Tina Fear looks back on her career

The path to respiratory integration

Emma Vincent relates the ARNS conference highlights

Dealing with the R word

Revalidation a good experience, even if not straightforward

Don’t feel daunted by your revalidation duties

Helen Kirk offers reassuring answers to some frequently asked questions

Turn up heat on climate debate

It is time for healthcare staff to speak out about the dangers of global warming on people’s...

From the front line - Are you ready to be open and honest?

Recently a survey asked nurses if they would be willing to tell patients they had made a...

Should midwives be forced to participate in abortions, even if they oppose the practice?

Christian Medical Fellowship head of nursing Steve Fouch argues that midwives must have the...

We must trust women on abortion, says midwives' leader...

Decriminalising abortion will not lead to a surge in late terminations, argues Royal College...

Cultural shift

Many are hailing it as the most significant development since the 1960s. NHS England’s...

From the front line - Data should not have more protection than life

I don't need to remind you of the young children we know about only because they died due to...

Respiratory champion

The Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists supports staff in a variety of ways to...

Voices - Funding of student places is a topic on everyone’s mind, says Crystal Oldman

Nurses from across the country gathered in London for the Queen’s Nurses' annual meeting.

Joined-up thinking

Many will be frustrated by the latest study to be published by the Queen’s Nursing Institute...