Research news

Blood pressure

Do nurse interventions cut cardiovascular disease in people with severe mental illness?

Study of primary care practices in England finds increased risk factors

Tuberculosis bacteria

Smartphone app helps improve tuberculosis treatment observation

Research finds video-observed therapy intervention has lower dropout rate among patients


Has Leeds bucked the national trend in childhood obesity?

Fall in obesity in reception age children following implementation of citywide strategy

Study supports new screening method for cervical cancer

Screening for high risk human papillomavirus more sensitive than cytology testing

Parenting scheme works for at-risk families

A scheme for at-risk families helps improve mothers’ mental health and parenting confidence

Taking about self-harm: improving consultations between nurses and young people

Practice nurse conversation guide could help in consultations with young people who self-harm


Evaluating a chlamydia screening programmes’ online results service

Screening scheme receives high approval rating by service users

School intervention

Whole school intervention to improve health outcomes for children and young people

Focus on restorative practices to address bullying and aggression for year 8-10 students

Wound care

Cost of nurse-led surgical wound care and management treatment plans assessed 

Analysis of cohort of anonymised patient records reveals wound-healing inconsistency

School nurse

NHS Scotland initiative proposes nine care pathways for school nurses

Initiatives intended to help improve children’s health and well-being


Meningitis: low uptake of MenACWY vaccine by school leavers in London scrutinised

Study suggests catch-up immunisation programme for 18-20 year olds needed

Gout tophus on the finger

Nurse-led gout management improves patient-centred outcomes

Study finds people with significantly lower flare-up rates in managed intervention group

D6 shows scant effect in diabetes care

D6 training for nurses of type 2 diabetes patients showed scant improvement glycaemic control

Indicators of care improved by 3D reviews

Reviews using a 3D approach did not improve their quality of life but gave better indicators...

Nurses as good as doctors in providing primary care

Nurses substituting for doctors in primary care achieve results that are as good or better

Good practice guidelines aim to show quality in home nursing care

Three-phase mixed methods study in England identifies ways to measure community nursing

English ‘Buurtzorg’ pilot impresses patients and nurses

A Dutch case study investigates the feasibility of easing the district nurse workload

School nurses and health visitors need training on sexting

Qualitive study looks at nursing ability to deal with consequences of sexting in young people