Book review: Spirituality and Coping with Loss: End of Life Healthcare Practice

Honorary principal lecturer in nursing Christine Eberhardie reviews Spirituality and Coping

Book review: Dementia Care; A Practical Approach

Senior lecturer Nichola Barlow reviews Dementia Care: A Practical Approach

Book review: Dementia Care at a Glance

This overview of dementia care is ideal for family members and partners of people with the...

Book review: Deprivation of Liberty: Collected Guidance

All the relevant guidance on safeguarding in a single book.

The Bell Lap: Stories for Compassionate Nursing Care

Book review by Marjorie Ghisoni.

Book review: Non-Alzheimer’s and Atypical Dementia

Clinical research nurse Kathryn Louise Walker reviews Non-Alzheimer’s and Atypical Dementia.

Book review: Whistle Blowing and Ethics in Health and Social Care

Lecturer in division of nursing Ailsa McMillan reviews Whistle Blowing and Ethics in Health

Book review: The Dementia Diaries

This colourful and thoughtfully put together book aims to shed light on the impact of

Book review: Fast Facts: Parkinson’s Disease

Kathryn Louise Walker finds an accessible read in Fast Facts: Parkinson’s Disease.

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The Bell Lap: Stories for Compassionate Nursing Care

Key issues around ageing and care of older people are discussed in this book. It offers an...

Medicines Management for Nurses at a Glance

This publication presents a general introduction to medicines management rather than an in-...

Hidden Cameras: Everything You Need to Know About Covert Recording, Undercover Cameras

Last year, the Care Quality Commission issued guidance to families on using hidden cameras...

Person-Centred Dementia Care

I was pleased to be invited to review the second edition of this book because I own the...