Book review: Deprivation of Liberty: Collected Guidance

All the relevant guidance on safeguarding in a single book.

Deprivation of Liberty: Collected Guidance

The Law Society

Law Society Publishing

£29.95 | 400 pages

ISBN: 9781784460433

Deprivation of liberty (DoL) can be a difficult subject, partly due to the complexity of regulations and variety of guidance sources. It can be challenging to find specific information.

This book is written for practitioners who need to understand and apply the regulations to ensure that the rights of vulnerable individuals are safeguarded.

It is clearly written and includes features that help demystify its subject. These include a comprehensive overview and chapters on specific areas of practice, such as psychiatric and general hospital settings, and care homes. Throughout, ‘key factors’ boxes are presented to clarify specific points.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the book is that it contains all the relevant guidance in one place.

This excellent