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Two nurses have been shortlisted in the Child Health category of the RCNi Nurse Awards 2016 for their work to reduce cases of undiagnosed hip dysplasia.

Angela Lee and Nina Doherty

The award, sponsored by specialist journal Nursing Children and Young People (NCYP), recognises innovation that improves the care of children and young people.

Angela Lee and Nina Doherty from Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust developed a self-check guide that enables parents to screen their children for common signs of hip dysplasia or dislocation.

The guide fills a gap in the national screening programme: currently, infants are screened at six to eight weeks but an eight-month check has been discontinued.

Angela Lee and Nina Doherty

Angela, a nurse consultant, says: We developed the guide after noticing that in most diagnosed hip dysplasia cases, parents had previously noticed a clinical sign but did not recognise its significance.

Parents have proved adept at highlighting risk factors for infants who have the condition and were found to require monitoring and/or treatment with splints.

Those infants who presented due to parental concern had not been identified at the neonatal or six-week check and may have gone on being undetected, risking more costly and invasive surgical management, says Angela.

Our project has benefited many infants by simply using the skills of parents to help in its early identification, thereby saving the NHS money.

NCYP editor Chris Walker was on the shortlisting panel. She says: The standard this year was high and the entries show the enormous range of activities that nurses working with children are engaged in.

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