Book review: Understanding BRCA: Living with the breast cancer gene

Advanced nurse practitioner in breast care Jill Hardman-Smith reviews Understanding BRCA: Living with the breast cancer gene.

Understanding BRCA: Living with the breast cancer gene

Clarissa Foster

Hammersmith Books

£14.99 | 260pp

ISBN: 9781781611203

At long last someone has written a book on breast genetics that is informative, accurate and interesting, yet has been done in a manner that makes it relevant to healthcare professionals, as well as patients. It is a fascinating read.

As a reviewer, I was required to read this book in a relatively short time frame. However, this will also be a great reference for the future and as an aide-memoire when teaching nursing and medical students within the clinic setting.

I work with patients who may have a moderate risk of breast cancer due to their family history.

The book is split into two; the factual aspect, then the personal review of the authors own journey.  

I am sure this book would suit a varied audience, from members of the general public with an interest through to specialists in the relevant or associated fields of healthcare.

Reviewed by Jill Hardman-Smith, advanced nurse practitioner in breast care, Leicester

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