Monitoring a patient’s vital signs on a touchscreen visual display

Spotting the signs of sepsis in people receiving anticancer treatment

Nurses need to be aware of the signs and immediately refer patients for assessment

Global cancer icon showing ribbons around a map of the world

Too many people are still being diagnosed with cancer too late

Every nurse can make a difference and every person with cancer’s voice should be heard

A nurse sits at the bedside of an older female oncology patient wearing a head scarf

Cancer nursing workforce needs to be supported, protected and grown

Morale is at an all-time low and the patient experience reflects this

Yellow Ribbon for supporting people living with illness: Sarcoma Awareness Month is in July

Sarcoma Awareness Month allows us to focus on rate types of cancer

Keeping skills up to date and enhancing knowledge can enable faster diagnosis and treatment


Why holistic and person-centred care is vital for people living with cancer

People with cancer need to talk about their needs and concerns and have more input in care


Why we need to end the stigma around cancer

After the COVID-19 pandemic a greater focus on hard-to-reach groups is vital


To improve cancer outcomes there needs to be investment in nurses and healthcare staff

As the pandemic recedes, we must meet the needs of people who require cancer care

Welcome to the new normal

Perhaps among the few positive effects of the pandemic is the enhanced status of nurses

Picture of nurses with personal protective equipment

Despite COVID-19 cancer nurses continue to do all they can for their patients

Caring, courageous and innovative work goes on amid the fear and grief

Cancer words

Be aware of the effect language and phrases can have on cancer patients

Healthcare professionals share their experiences as cancer patients

Trevor Sorbie

Wigs for people with cancer-related hair loss have improved since mum’s Trump bouffant

A new charity is creating stylish wigs for people facing medical-related hair loss

Coronation Street's Sinead Tinker

Coronation Street storyline sends a powerful message about cervical screening

Coronation Street has been praised for its balanced portrayal of life with cancer

Finding time to talk through the emotional toll of caring

Do too many nurses bury their feelings after a challenging experience at work?

Filling in the gaps behind the headlines this Movember

Laura James, senior specialist nurse at Prostate Cancer UK, commends men who are defying...

Prompting early discussions around end of life care

Consultant editor Carole Farrell on the importance of advanced care planning for palliative...

A chance for ‘ordinary’ nurses to share, inspire and win recognition for their...

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards and help celebrate...

Showcasing the best of cancer nursing

Pain management, celebrating excellence in nursing and writing for publication all feature...

Healthcare workers cannot be the simple solution to nursing shortages

Former UKONS president Richard Henry on coping with rising patient demand on cancer services.