Sir Kenneth Calman

Forum focus: A time for reflection

Kenneth Calman, who spoke at the 2018 Scottish Oncology Summit, produced the first framework...

Joining forces globally to address oral complications for people with cancer

Improving clinicians' understanding of oral complications in cancer care through...

Word cloud

Cancer word play: why we need to stop using the language of war

Words associated with cancer don't have to be like walking into a battlefield...

Return to work

Meeting the challenges of returning to practice

Return to nursing can seem daunting, but the core values of the profession are unchanged

Breast cancer care

‘Finishing breast cancer treatment is often the hardest part of the whole experience’

It’s crucial to support women who are dealing with debilitating emotional side effects

A man in a hospital bed having a conversation with a nurse who is attending him

Let’s have honest conversations about cancer

We should talk more openly to people with cancer about how best to handle their condition

A nurse standing next to the bed of a patient

Mapping out nursing roles

How can we increase awareness of the importance of specialist nursing positions in the NHS?

Data collection

‘It’s time we embraced the potential of simple digital tools to improve cancer care’

Specialist nurses could glean information collected from patients at home to proactively...


Nurse-led telehealth clinics can benefit patients with cancer

A pilot of telehealth consultations has been popular with patients and has reduced the need...

Don't miss your chance to share best practice...

Susanne Cruickshank discusses the proactive changes afoot within the RCN cancer and breast...

Karen Roberts

Inject creativity to allay the impending workforce crisis in cancer care

As a growing proportion of cancer nurses approach retirement age, strategies are needed to...

Invest in your own well-being on a French retreat

Investing in your own well-being while being a nurse can often be a stuggle, but all you...

The emotional shock of my breast cancer diagnosis hit harder than the physical one

Broadcast journalist and writer Sian Williams reflects on the exemplary care and kindness...

You, Me and the Big C podcast highlights the devastating effect of cancer recurrence

Inspiring BBC podcast deals with the realities of living with a cancer diagnosis

Providing patient-centred care at the end of life

Adequate support following a terminal diagnosis ranks as a top priority for achieving good...

Seize opportunities to take back control of your working lives

Staffing pressures often mean missed breaks, but projects that bring small changes to ward...

Fertility issues: unlocking new options for people with cancer

Cancer treatment often causes infertility, but a pre-planning intervention can ease the...

Cancer fundraising campaigns: avoiding mixed messages

In a bid to raise funds, the Stand Up to Cancer campaign group produced a special series of...