Prompting early discussions around end of life care

Consultant editor Carole Farrell on the importance of advanced care planning for palliative...

Nominate your colleague

A chance for ‘ordinary’ nurses to share, inspire and win recognition for their...

Nominate yourself or a colleague for this year’s RCNi Nurse Awards and help celebrate...


Showcasing the best of cancer nursing

Pain management, celebrating excellence in nursing and writing for publication all feature...


Healthcare workers cannot be the simple solution to nursing shortages

Former UKONS president Richard Henry on coping with rising patient demand on cancer services.


The legacy of a cancer nurse

New editor of Cancer Nursing Practice, Jennifer Sprinks, explains her projections and hopes...

Experimental medicine

A decade of ECMC milestones

Celebrating the pivotal work of the Experimental Cancer Medicines Centres (ECMC) network in...


Sian Williams

The emotional shock of my breast cancer diagnosis hit harder than the physical one

Broadcast journalist and writer Sian Williams reflects on the exemplary care and kindness...

Invest in your own well-being on a French retreat

Investing in your own well-being while being a nurse can often be a stuggle, but all you...

You, Me and the Big C

You, Me and the Big C podcast highlights the devastating effect of cancer recurrence

Inspiring BBC podcast deals with the realities of living with a cancer diagnosis

Providing patient-centred care at the end of life

Adequate support following a terminal diagnosis ranks as a top priority for achieving good...

Seize opportunities to take back control of your working lives

Staffing pressures often mean missed breaks, but projects that bring small changes to ward...

Fertility conversation

Fertility issues: unlocking new options for people with cancer

Cancer treatment often causes infertility, but a pre-planning intervention can ease the...


Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care cover

Book review: Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care

Chemotherapy nurse consultant Catherine Oakley reviews this guide on how to embed cancer...

With the End in Mind

Book review: With the End in Mind

Palliative care clinical nurse specialist Claire Windsor reviews a text that aims to tackle...

Book review: Treating Body and Soul

Rev Stephen Wright reviews Treating Body and Soul – A Clinicians’ Guide to Supporting the...

Book review: The Flight Of The Black Necked Swans

Senior patient flow sister Anne Boyle reviews The Flight Of The Black Necked Swans

Understanding BRCA book cover

Book review: Understanding BRCA: Living with the breast cancer gene

Advanced nurse practitioner in breast care Jill Hardman-Smith reviews Understanding BRCA:...

Book review: Palliative and End of Life Care in Nursing ​​​​​​​

Honorary lecturer Claire Lewis reviews Palliative and End of Life Care in Nursing.

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Readers panel: do nurses have a duty to set an example to patients and quit smoking?

Public Health England head of digital strategy Mary Black, who lost her father and...

Forum focus

Forum Focus: an unpalatable read

‘Delayed cancer surgery’ is making headlines yet again – but that's not the whole story

Forum Focus: how you can influence evidence-based guidance

Cancer nurses can contribute to policy development, such as the consultation on the drugs...

Run for charity

Forum Focus: raising awareness of breast cancer

October turns pink to raise awareness of breast cancer

watershed advertising viewing

Voluntary rules will not stem the obesity epidemic

Without prompt action, obesity could cause 670,000 new cases of cancer in the UK in the next...

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