Book review: Abbreviated MRI of the Breast: A Practical Guide

Informative reference book written from a US perspective

Abbreviated MRI of the Breast: A Practical GuideAbbreviated MRI of the Breast
Christopher Comstock, Christiane Kuhl
£89 | 192pp
ISBN: 9781626231931

This book gives a good overview of abbreviated breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in relation to the screening programmes using mammography and other techniques.  

The most valuable part of the book for a breast care nurse readership is its section on clinical evidence, which puts breast MRI techniques into context.

As the book is written from a US perspective, particularly in relation to healthcare costs, it isn't entirely relevant to a UK readership. However, given debates on the benefits of screening, diagnosis and identifying biologically inert disease, it could be informative as a reference book.

I recommend it is read alongside NHS screening programme clinical guidelines and the NHS technical guidelines for MRI use. 

Reviewed by Maria Leadbeater, Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre Lead, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Trust

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