Book review: Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care

St Thomas College of Nursing assistant professor Vineeth Joseph reviews Psychosocial issues in Palliative Care

Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care: A Community Based Approach for Life Limiting Illness (Third edition)
Mari Lloyd-Williams
Oxford University Press
£34.99 | 256pp
ISBN: 9780198806677

Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care 3rd edThis book covers the core aspects of palliative care, giving an eye-opening perspective on the psychosocial elements. Broken down into 12 chapters, it looks at the history of palliative care, diagnostic and therapeutic management and the different types of service users, including neonates. It demonstrates a fine knowledge base and contains good examples to aid understanding of best practice.

The concept of community based care is well explained throughout the book; it explains the psychotherapy and spiritual care aspects and discusses the needs of not only patients but their families and also volunteers. Each chapter is well narrated, so readers will be able to easily understand the subjects and core messages.

The final part of the book describes the need for an empathetic approach, ensuring practitioners recognise the individual’s broad range of care needs, from the point of diagnosis to the last breath.

It provides useful cross references for readers and covers psychosocial assessment to the treatment and care of patients with life-limiting illnesses. This could help the entire palliative care team adopt a wider view for evaluating emotional, social and spiritual needs of patients and helps in the holistic care.

Reviewed by Vineeth Joseph, assistant professor at St Thomas College of Nursing, Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur, India

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