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Prognosis communication for people with head and neck cancer

Analysis of succesfully communicating prognosis for people with head and neck cancer

Optimising bed rest period to reduce lumbar punctures after chemotherapy

Randomised controlled trial of bed rest optimisation to reduce obstacles in chemotherapies

Suicide risk higher in people with cancer, US study finds

Risk of suicide in people with cancer is higher than general population, research finds

Emotional vulnerability lower in breast cancer survivors over age 60, study finds

Lower levels of emotional distress reported in older patients following cancer survival

Reducing psychiatric symptoms in patients with a writing programme

Writing intervention group bid to reduce psychiatric symptoms in patients undergoing cancer...

Handgrip exercise may help assess cancer-related fatigue

Pilot study looks at handgrip fatiguing exercises as a subjective assessment

Digital rectal examination

Abnormal digital rectal examinations require urgent investigation for cancer, but the...

Digital rectal examinations may not be an accurate diagnostic tool for cancer in primary care


Professionals underestimate patients' pain, suggests comprehensive review...

Healthcare professionals should take heed of patients' self-assessment of pain, researchers...

Assessing dyspnoea to make people more comfortable at the end of life

Study looks at improving end of life care through the use of a dyspnoea assessment tool

Vitamin D

Higher vitamin D level associated with lower risk of total cancer

Japanese study suggests beneficial effects for prevention of cancer in all sites

Colorectal cancer

Study finds high levels of anxiety and depression among survivors of colorectal cancer

Dutch and UK researchers measure quality of life for people ten years after initial diagnosis


High-fibre diet reduces risk of breast cancer by 25%, research suggests

US study examined food intake of more than 2,000 women living with and beyond breast cancer

Cardiovascular disease leading cause of death in women with breast cancer

US study finds around 90% patients with early or advanced stage disease had at least one...

Prostate cancer screening: a systematic review of digital rectal examinations in...

Canadian and UK researchers evaluate data from seven studies to review the diagnostic...

Opioids: study suggests improving the debilitating effects of cancer treatments with...

Exploring the use and efficacy of medicinal cannabis as a safe treatment option for people...

Highly processed foods driving increased overall risk of cancer

Increased consumption of highly processed foods may be linked higher overall risk of cancer...

Some types of eyelid cancer rising steadily in England

Certain types of eyelid cancer have risen steadily over the past 15 years in England, with 2...

Common chronic diseases overlooked as cancer risk

Cancer risks from several common chronic diseases are as important as those from five major...