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Impact of infection measured on spinal tumour surgery survival rates

A round-up of latest research from the nursing and medical journals

Advice on risk of infertility given to only a third of cancer survivors

Journal Scan looks at the latest research from the nursing and medical journals

Fat grafting is found to halve post-mastectomy pain

A look at the latest research from the nursing and medical journals

Extending cervical screening beyond 5 years safe for some women

Extending the cervical cancer screening interval beyond 5 years for women aged 40 and over

Low cancer symptom awareness linked to lower chance of survival

In regions where cancer survival is poorer, people tend to have a lower awareness of cancer

Immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy does not affect survival

Many women undergo mastectomy for the treatment of breast cancer, however, it is

Infra-red light could detect early cancer signs

A new endoscope uses near-infrared light to spot the warning signs of oesophageal cancer

Geriatric assessments must be carried out to identify depression in cancer patients

The risks of failing to diagnose clinical depression can result in patients being deprived

Patients with cancer at higher risk of fractures and bruising

Survey reveals a heightened risk of injuries during the time of cancer diagnosis.

TAS-102 improves overall survival in metastatic colorectal cancer

Study to determine the effects of a novel drug on survival rate

Surveillance CA-125 tests continue in ovarian cancer despite little benefit

Tests and computed tomography scans may not improve women's survival or quality of life

Information about physical activity from healthcare staff should be given early after

Why patients are in need of motivational support

Emergency doctors often fail to detect delirium in advanced cancer patients

Delirium is the most common neuro-psychiatric syndrome in patients with advanced cancer but

Air pollution can shorten lives of patients with lung cancer

Reducing exposure to air pollutants could improve lung cancer survival rates, research...

Genetic testing can improve precision prescribing for men with advanced prostate cancer

Review of ‘Inherited DNA: repair gene mutations in men with metastatic prostate cancer’

Spotting breast cancer

Better-educated women more likely to spot breast cancer