Mandy Day-Calder

Constructive feedback
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How to provide constructive feedback

If delivered well, providing honest, constructive feedback to your colleagues can be a positive experience for all concerned

Finding your voice
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Finding your voice in a multidisciplinary team

Nurses need to be flexible, confident team players

Look after yourself
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Caring for yourself when you are the patient

Being a nurse doesn’t give immunity from long-term illness: points to consider after being diagnosed

Ellen Watters
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Voluntary sector: feel-good posts outside the NHS offer job satisfaction

Information specialist nurse Ellen Watters offers advice to those wanting to move out of the health service

Nurse advises a patient
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How to promote effective communication

When a patient's condition affects their ability to express themselves it is important to use different strategies to meet their needs, says Mandy Day-Calder

Nurse using smartphone
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Student life - Professional conduct

Overstepping boundaries can undermine patients’ trust and respect – and may put your future registration at risk.

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Student life - Preserving safety

In addition to providing compassionate care and administering correct treatments, the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code states that nurses must keep patients and the public safe and free from harm.

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Student life - How to practise effectively

Referring to the Nursing and Midwifery Council Code’s second theme – practise effectively; think what effective nursing care means to you and how this has an impact on the essence of quality care.

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Student life - The code and you

To remain on the Nursing and Midwifery Council register as a qualified nurse you will have to revalidate every three years. This involves demonstrating that you are incorporating the NMC Code into your day-today practice and continuing professional development.

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Student life - Management techniques

On graduating from your nursing degree course, one aspect of nursing life you may be worried about is how you will cope with taking responsibility for a group of patients, or even a whole ward.

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Student life - Make your voice heard

A life coach offers advice on dealing with some challenging situations you might encounter on clinical placement.

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Student life - Handling work pressure

An ageing population coupled with the increase in treatable illnesses has led to ‘health promotion’ and ‘self-management’ becoming buzz words in today’s NHS.

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Student life - Up against the clock

As a nursing student the relentless demands of work, studying and family life can leave you feeling like you are on a treadmill that has no off switch.

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Prepare to impress

Job interviews are increasingly likely to involve competency-based questions. What does that mean and how can you prepare?

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Getting back on track

Career coaching can help to ensure your goals are focused on what you really want, and be clear about the steps you need to take to succeed

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Try the lighter side of stress management

Managing stress is about looking after yourself. But it doesn’t have to feel like another task – it can be fun.

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Record as you learn

Most nurses will meet the NMC's revalidation requirements easily, but can you prove it? Here we offer some advice on how to do it.

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A Short Introduction to Helping Young People Manage Anxiety

With the charity Anxiety UK stating that as many as one in six young people will experience anxiety at some point in their lives, this guide provides an excellent resource for any professional working with young people.