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When work triggers painful emotions

Switching off from patients is not a good idea, but neither is being at the mercy of your feelings. Mandy Day-Calder explains how to achieve an emotional balance that works for you and your patients.

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Show you have the right attitudes for the job

Employers today ask for more than relevant skills and experience: they also want to know about the values of potential recruits.

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Put your appraisal plan into action

Having completed your appraisal, you will have a development plan for the coming year. Here's how to make sure it works for you and your patients.

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Make the most of your annual appraisal

It is easy to regard your appraisal as a chore, but if approached properly, it can put you in charge of your career for the year ahead.

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How to cope with change and uncertainty

Nursing has always been unpredictable and under pressure. Mandy Day-Calder advises nurses how to cope.

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Picking up the pieces after you make a mistake

All nurses dread making an error, but if it does happen, there are things you can do to rebuild your confidence and reduce the risk of future mistakes.

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Mindfulness Part 3: Don’t give up

In the concluding part of a three-part series, Mandy Day-Calder reveals how to overcome the barriers to mindfulness.

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Mindfulness Part 2: Core techniques to reduce your stress

In the second part of our series on mindfulness, Mandy Day-Calder explains how paying attention to what is happening in the moment can put you in control of your emotional responses.

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Mindfulness Part 1: How to regain your focus

In the first of a three-part series, Mandy Day-Calder explains the ‘essence’ of mindfulness.

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LGBT equality: mind your language

Remember that married no longer necessarily means heterosexual. A little care with language can help promote a much more inclusive atmosphere.

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Careers advice

Tips on how to say no to excessive workloads

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Faith and spirituality: how to remain professional

Some patients value the opportunity to discuss their faith. For others, any mention of spirituality is an unwarranted intrusion.

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How to set and achieve your goals

Setting clear goals can help give clarity to your long-term vision and motivate you to get there, writes Mandy Day-Calder.

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How to stay enthusiastic after years of nursing

Nursing in your 40s, 50s and beyond is difficult if you don’t feel valued. Here’s how to sustain your enthusiasm and make maturity an advantage.

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How to cope with staff shortages

Pressure resulting from understaffing can leave you feeling angry and defeated, but there are strategies to boost your resilience.

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Reflect on your successes in 2016

It has been a tough year for nurses, so take time to celebrate everything you have achieved.

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How to stay motivated at work over the festive season

Working at Christmas means spending time away from loved ones. Life coach Mandy Day-Calder has some tips on how to keep your motivation and energy levels up.

Practice placements
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Get the most out of your practice placements

As a student you should expect support, but you can also take a proactive approach to your learning.