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Careers advice

Tips on how to say no to excessive workloads

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Faith and spirituality: how to remain professional

Some patients value the opportunity to discuss their faith. For others, any mention of spirituality is an unwarranted intrusion.

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How to set and achieve your goals

Setting clear goals can help give clarity to your long-term vision and motivate you to get there, writes Mandy Day-Calder.

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How to stay enthusiastic after years of nursing

Nursing in your 40s, 50s and beyond is difficult if you don’t feel valued. Here’s how to sustain your enthusiasm and make maturity an advantage.

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How to cope with staff shortages

Pressure resulting from understaffing can leave you feeling angry and defeated, but there are strategies to boost your resilience.

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Reflect on your successes in 2016

It has been a tough year for nurses, so take time to celebrate everything you have achieved.

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How to stay motivated at work over the festive season

Working at Christmas means spending time away from loved ones. Life coach Mandy Day-Calder has some tips on how to keep your motivation and energy levels up.

Practice placements
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Get the most out of your practice placements

As a student you should expect support, but you can also take a proactive approach to your learning.

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How to thrive as a mentor and build positive relationships with students

Mentoring should be a rewarding experience for mentor and student, but the relationship needs to be handled with care.

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How to relay complex information to patients

As a student you need to practise breaking complicated information down into ‘comprehensible...

emotional resilience
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How to develop your emotional resilience

Do you ruminate for days after a difficult incident at work? The good news is you can...

rude colleagues
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How to cope with rude or hostile colleagues

Working relationships in healthcare settings are not immune to day-to-day conflicts. But...

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How to meet patients’ expectations

Feeling overwhelmed? Take some time to think about what really matters to patients, advises...

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Student experience: how to cope when a patient dies

The death of a patient is one of the most difficult experiences you will face as a nursing...

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How to work collaboratively with patients

Mandy-Day Calder explains how to develop a genuinely collaborative relationship with...

Culturally diverse teams
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Working effectively in a culturally diverse team

Life coach Mandy Day-Calder offers advice on how to develop your cultural competence at work

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How to stay mentally healthy

Recent reports indicate a dramatic increase in the number of nursing students accessing...

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How to be a good role model

Students and new staff look to senior nurses for guidance and will often emulate what they witness - both the good and the bad. Here’s how to be a positive influence as a role model.