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A nurse with a patient during a consultation
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Dealing with conflict Part 2: Managing misinformed patients

Easy access to medical information brings benefits for patients but only if the information is accurate. How should you respond when a consultation becomes challenging?

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Dealing with conflict Part 1: Within the team

Working in a caring profession does not give you immunity from tensions with colleagues. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to stop normal conflict becoming a problem

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Communication: Express yourself without ambiguity

In the final article of a three-part series, health coach Mandy Day-Calder explains why what you want to say and what patients think you mean can be very different, and offers tips on how to avoid misunderstandings

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Communication: What to do in a crisis

In the second article of a three-part series, health coach Mandy Day-Calder explains how a structured approach to communicating in a crisis can help avoid errors

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Communication: Assert yourself, in a good way

With resources stretched to the limit, good communication is more important than ever to ensure safe and effective care. In the first of a three-part series, Mandy Day-Calder looks at how to develop an assertive style

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How to stay focused on your goals in 2018

It is common as the year goes on to lose sight of the aims you set yourself in January. But however difficult the circumstances it is possible to keep moving forward

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Paths to positive change: believing you deserve what you want

Valuing yourself is a vital ingredient of self-esteem but developing self-compassion can take time. Health coach Mandy Day-Calder offers advice on how to be as committed to yourself as you are to your patients

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Paths to positive change in your career – and life

Success means different things to different people. Working out what it means to you is the first step to making 2018 a great year for your career, says health coach Mandy Day-Calder

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Why feeling grateful is good for your health

The last thing you may feel at the end of a hard day at work is grateful for the good things in life. But nurturing an attitude of gratefulness can help you cope with daily stress

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Strategies to boost your emotional resilience

Avoid burnout and enjoy your career more by learning how to improve your mental wellbeing by building up emotional resilience

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SAD: What to do if winter brings you down

Winter can take an emotional toll, particularly for those who experience seasonal affective disorder, but there are ways to manage it

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Coping with winter: tips for staying fit and healthy

Winter is one of the busiest times for nurses, and maintaining a good work-life balance can be tricky. Follow these tips from health coach Mandy Day-Calder to ensure you stay as healthy as possible over the winter months.

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Use reflection to see your work as being about people, not tasks

Heavy workloads can make it hard to see patients as individuals. Reflect on the bad moments, accept you are not perfect, and you will find it easier to notice and change how you react.

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Reconnecting with why you became a nurse

When conditions are tough it’s easy to feel disconnected from the values that led you into nursing. Fortunately, it is possible to find a way back to the things you love about being a nurse.

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Maintain your standards of care – but be realistic

Knowing what matters to you most, and that you're doing the best job possible, can help you cope with the stress of rising demands.

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The anxiety demon: how to let go of ‘what if’

How do you deal with the constant fear of ‘doing something wrong’? By focusing on the present and breaking the cycle of negative thoughts that feed anxiety.

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Stop trying to do everything

If you're feeling overwhelmed by competing demands, follow these simple tips to fend off panic and refocus your mind.

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Listen properly to win your patients’ trust

Heavy workloads and staff shortages can make it hard to find the time to sit down and talk properly with patients. But those who feel they are being listened to are more likely to take an active role in their own care, says health coach Mandy Day-Calder.