Mandy Day-Calder

Career path
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Has your career taken a wrong turn?

Sometimes it’s good to take stock and check you’re on the right path

Older woman looking unhappy in room with Christmas decorations
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It could be lonely this Christmas

What can you do to help patients and colleagues who might feel isolated?

gift box
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What to do if a grateful patient wants to give you a present

For nurses, accepting gifts – even if offered with the best of motives – is fraught with risk

change habits
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Habits, and why breaking them can be good for you and your nursing practice

New perspectives can be just the prompt you need to question engrained behaviour

diverse group of nursing staff
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Faith, spirituality and offence: why it’s important to avoid making assumptions

Exercise caution and show respect if you are going to express your personal beliefs

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Don’t let upsetting remarks affect your focus

How to stay focused and avoid becoming upset by chance remarks or disagreements at work

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9 tips for returning to work

How to build your confidence and competence in your role after an absence

Writing a statement
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How to write a statement of events

If your employer asks you to write a formal statement stay calm and follow these tips

Illustration showing a woman looking first shocked, then troubled, then happy and calm
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What to do if you make a medication error

Nurses have a duty of candour when mistakes occur. Here’s how to handle the situation

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Feeling overwhelmed by the digital workplace?

Rapid advances can be daunting. Follow these tips to improve your skills and confidence

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You can be amazing too: six small changes you can make to get out of a rut

Life as a nurse can be exhausting, but it’s important to recognise your own talents

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The benefits of making time to be kind

It can seem difficult when you’re under pressure, but showing kindness really does make a...

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Vulnerable patients: look beyond the obvious

Patients may want to hide frailties or fears, so adopt a curious attitude towards those in your care

Hidden judgement
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How to challenge the misguided assumptions we all make

You cannot take back an insensitive comment, but you can minimise the risk of it happening

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How to help colleagues during real-life dramas

Supporting a nurse who is struggling can be difficult, but just listening is a good start

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Show courage: Don't be afraid to ask your manager for support

It's part of a nurse's role to offer kindness and care, but how brave do they feel when asking for them themselves?

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Strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed by pressure at work

Feeling overwhelmed and panicky at work does not make you a bad nurse. It just means you need to adopt whatever emergency coping strategies suit you best

Nurse combing an older patient's hair
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Small changes can make a big difference

When organisations are stretched to the limit, it may seem as if nothing you do could possibly make a difference. But focusing on the areas that you are able to influence can be empowering