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How to handle negative feedback

The desire to do well in assignments and practice placement can make criticism hard to take. Here’s how to cope – and accept less favourable comments as an essential part of the learning process.

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Coping with the stress of a major incident

It is normal for some days at work to affect you more than others. But if you are faced with a major incident, your resilience may be stretched to its limits.

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The perils of imposter syndrome

Feeling like a fake inside despite outward success is not unusual for nursing students. Mandy Day-Calder advises on how to cope with imposter syndrome.

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The perils of snap judgements

Making snap judgements about patients can have a negative impact on your practice and limit your ability to provide patient-centred care, says Mandy Day-Calder.

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Showing leadership in a time of change

Change takes its toll on everyone. In the third and final part of our leadership series, Mandy Day-Calder looks at what you can do to help patients, colleagues and yourself to flourish in uncertain times.

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Facing the challenges of leadership

In the middle of a busy shift you may find the demands of leadership overwhelming. In the second of our three-part series on leadership, Mandy Day-Calder advises how to cope.

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Develop your leadership qualities

The NHS needs strong leadership - but what exactly does this mean? In the first of a three-part series on leadership in nursing, Mandy Day-Calder looks at what makes a good leader.

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Give praise when it’s due, don’t wait for the farewell party

Nurses know they have a duty to raise concerns, but it's also good practice to give positive feedback and show colleagues your appreciation.

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Minimise the stress of relocating

Moving house and starting a new job are both high up on the list of stressful life events. So how can you cope when your personal circumstances, or a career opportunity, means you do both at the same time?

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Should I stay or should I go? Part 2

As a nurse you have skills and experience that are in demand outside the NHS and the healthcare sector. Mandy Day-Calder explains how to recognise your own value and make your move.

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Weighing up the pros and cons before you quit your job: Part 1

Leaving your job is a big step, especially if it means moving outside the NHS or even ending your nursing career. Before you do it, take the time to consider your current job's pros and cons, says Mandy Day-Calder.

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Attempting behaviour change: the good, the bad and the barriers in between

Showing a degree of vulnerability when discussing healthy behaviours with your patients can make you appear more approachable, says health coach Mandy Day-Calder.

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When work triggers painful emotions

Switching off from patients is not a good idea, but neither is being at the mercy of your feelings. Mandy Day-Calder explains how to achieve an emotional balance that works for you and your patients.

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Show you have the right attitudes for the job

Employers today ask for more than relevant skills and experience: they also want to know about the values of potential recruits.

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Put your appraisal plan into action

Having completed your appraisal, you will have a development plan for the coming year. Here's how to make sure it works for you and your patients.

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Make the most of your annual appraisal

It is easy to regard your appraisal as a chore, but if approached properly, it can put you in charge of your career for the year ahead.

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How to cope with change and uncertainty

Nursing has always been unpredictable and under pressure. Mandy Day-Calder advises nurses how to cope.

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Picking up the pieces after you make a mistake

All nurses dread making an error, but if it does happen, there are things you can do to rebuild your confidence and reduce the risk of future mistakes.