Mandy Day-Calder

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How to thrive as a mentor and build positive relationships with students

Mentoring should be a rewarding experience for mentor and student, but the relationship needs to be handled with care.

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How to relay complex information to patients

As a student you need to practise breaking complicated information down into ‘comprehensible...

emotional resilience
Nursing Standard

How to develop your emotional resilience

Do you ruminate for days after a difficult incident at work? The good news is you can...

rude colleagues
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How to cope with rude or hostile colleagues

Working relationships in healthcare settings are not immune to day-to-day conflicts. But...

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How to meet patients’ expectations

Feeling overwhelmed? Take some time to think about what really matters to patients, advises...

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Student experience: how to cope when a patient dies

The death of a patient is one of the most difficult experiences you will face as a nursing...

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How to work collaboratively with patients

Mandy-Day Calder explains how to develop a genuinely collaborative relationship with...

Culturally diverse teams
Nursing Standard

Working effectively in a culturally diverse team

Life coach Mandy Day-Calder offers advice on how to develop your cultural competence at work

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How to stay mentally healthy

Recent reports indicate a dramatic increase in the number of nursing students accessing...

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How to be a good role model

Students and new staff look to senior nurses for guidance and will often emulate what they witness - both the good and the bad. Here’s how to be a positive influence as a role model.

nurse laughing
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When laughter is the best medicine - and when it is not

Mandy Day-Calder looks at the benefits and pitfalls of using humour with patients and colleagues

Decision making
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The art of decision making

Mandy Day-Calder looks at ways to increase your confidence in your decision-making ability.

multisensory nursing
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Adopting a multi-sensory approach to nursing care

Using all your senses to 'see' the whole patient is a valuable nursing skill, says...

Staying motivated
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Keeping your nursing spark alive

After a well-earned summer break, it can be hard to return to the daily grind of early...

Keeping calm
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Respect your patients even when you disagree with them

​Nurses have a duty to put their personal views to one side. Here are some strategies to cope when you find yourself judging a patient or situation.

Leaving work at the office
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Knowing when to leave your work at the office

The unique pressures of the nursing role can make it difficult to switch off. Life coach...

Supporting a colleague
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When a colleague needs your support

What do you do if a colleague is having a bad day every day? Resist the urge to judge, assess the situation - and report any concerns about safety immediately.

Professional boundaries
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Maintaining professional boundaries

Keeping the balance right in nurse-patient relationships is vital to protect yourself, your patients and avoid burn out.