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women and alcohol
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Women catching up with men in alcohol consumption

Women are catching up with men in terms of alcohol consumption, researchers say.

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Exercise could help ward off memory decline in older people

Older people who already have memory and thinking problems could benefit from exercise, say...

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Urinary incontinence increases mortality risk in older people

Urinary incontinence is associated with an increased risk of mortality in older nursing home...

no connection
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No link between breast cancer and working night shifts, researchers say

Working night shifts has little or no effect on a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer,...

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Cut exposure to synthetic chemicals to ward off diabetes

Cutting exposure to common environmental synthetic chemicals by 25% could ward off more than...

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Drinking coffee can cut dementia risk among women

Women who drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day could reduce their risk of developing dementia by...

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Blood test can rule out serious infections in children

GPs can quickly detect serious infections in children using a simple decision rule and a...

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Smartphone app could test for atrial fibrillation

A Smartphone app used in conjunction with a heart monitor could test for atrial fibrillation...

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Manuka honey could help combat urinary tract infections

Manuka honey curbs the activity and growth of bacterial biofilms even at low dilutions, new...

low cancer
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Low cancer symptom awareness linked to lower chance of survival

In regions where cancer survival is poorer, people tend to have a lower awareness of cancer...

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Raising the profile of mental health nursing

In 2015, Julia Terry became the first mental health nurse in the UK to be awarded a...

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Healthy diet improves children's reading skills

New research from Finland suggests a healthy diet is linked to better reading skills in the...

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Living with spouse cuts risk of being overweight in patients with type 2 diabetes

Patients with type 2 diabetes who live with their spouse have half the risk of being...

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Prescription painkillers linked to increased risk of heart failure

Commonly-used prescription drugs for treating pain and inflammation are associated with an...

Pregnancy diabetes
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Clear threshold needed for diagnosing gestational diabetes

Study shows consistent association between high blood sugar levels during pregnancy and increased risk of complications – but there is no clear evidence of a threshold effect.

NHS Health Check invitation for Asian man
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Invitation method influences NHS Health Check uptake

Tailoring invitation methods for the NHS Health Check could help increase uptake among black and minority ethnic (BME) groups, suggests research.

Mediterranean diet
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Mediterranean diet could lower cardiovascular disease risk in UK

Diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains could significantly reduce risk of stroke and heart attacks, say University of Cambridge researchers.

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E-cigarettes associated with higher rate of smoking cessation

Growth in the use of e-cigarettes in England is linked with higher rate of successful attempts to stop smoking, say UK researchers.