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Nursing Standard

Will nurses be put at risk in the workplace following Brexit?  

Readers’ panel on the effects of Brexit

Call to lower threshold for pre-emptive ovarian cancer surgery
Nursing Standard

Ovarian cancer: Call to lower threshold for pre-emptive surgery

Current age threshold of 40 should be halved say UK researchers.


Finding my niche in emergency care

Diego Vazquez Lopez is a deputy charge nurse in the acute medical unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary, where he treats patients admitted from an acute hospital

Diego Vazquez Lopez
Emergency Nurse

'I feel like a fish in water in an emergency care setting' says Diego Vazquez Lopez

Emergency care can be stressful, but the rewards of the job outweigh any negatives says Diego Vazquez Lopez

Nursing Management

Nursing leadership is as much about learning as it is leading

Paul Edwards, head of practice development at BUPA, says good leader is 'authentic, inspiring and kind'

Emergency Nurse

Nurses raise concerns about shelved safe staffing guidance

Suppressed safe staffing guidance calling for minimum nurse-to-patient ratios in NHS emergency departments (EDs) was leaked to the media at the end of last month

nurse associate
Nursing Management

Nursing associates: a return to state enrolled nurses?

Plan for unregulated support role seen as a way to obtain ‘nursing skills on the cheap’, reports Clare Lomas


NMC agrees to develop new pre-registration nurse education standards

The Nursing and Midwifery Council will hold a 'fundamental review' of the skills and competencies nurses will require in the future


Thousands of overseas nurses denied permission to work in England

New RCN figures reveal that more than 2,300 overseas nurses were denied permission to work in England last year

Cancer Nursing Practice

Learn from your patients says nurse who had cancer

Sam Smith says paediatric oncology is a challenging but humbling area to work in

Nursing Standard

New self-screening tool aims to put patients in control of their nutrition

Nurses have welcomed the launch of a new self-screening tool to help identify adults in the community who are at risk of malnutrition.


Ward sister Claire Harris named RCN Wales nurse of the year 2015

Ward sister Claire Harris honoured in glittering ceremony at City Hall, Cardiff, for her pioneering work in stroke services.


Specialist service for lung cancer patients

Maria Guerin, a clinical nurse specialist at Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, began her career in the 1980s. Since then, she has helped to identify the need for specialist nurses and, earlier this year, was elected vice chair of the International Thoracic Oncology Nursing Forum

Maria Guerin
Cancer Nursing Practice

Lung cancer used to be the forgotten cancer, but not any more

Maria Guerin says the UK is leading the way when it comes to cancer care


Delivering nurse-led end of life care

Catherine Malia combines the ethos of holistic care with her clinical and leadership roles and is heading up a pilot project to deliver nurse-led end of life care


Making a difference to patients at the only nurse-led bowel cancer helpline

Award-winning nurse Paula Madden brings three decades of experience to the UK’s only nurse-led bowel cancer helpline, run by the support and campaigning charity Beating Bowel Cancer

Cancer Nursing Practice

Supporting patients with bowel cancer is a tough but rewarding role

Paula Madden says dealing with young people who have a poor prognosis is always tough


Not so ‘hard to reach’ with a non-judgemental approach

Dorcas Gwata tells Clare Lomas that engaging with young people affected by gang culture requires an innovative, non-judgemental approach