My job


Spotlight on winning causes

The RCNi Nurse Awards give nurses a platform to change practice - and patients' lives - for...

Delivering the goods

Nurses’ clinical skills can aid the procurement process.

Not so ‘hard to reach’

Dorcas Gwata: ‘There is no such thing as “hard to reach” groups, just lack of innovation’.

The long road to equality

When Eleanor Smith’s daughter Abigail said she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps...

Community concerns

District nurses want to spend less time on paperwork

It’s so rewarding

Naomi Bender on dementia care.

A specialty in crisis

Around half of diabetes specialist nurses are expected to retire in the next decade, and one...

Taking the lead on mental health

Assuming the role of a national adviser for a health regulator sounds like a daunting task,...

Beyond the expected

Joan Pons Laplana’s nursing career has not been linear, which perhaps befits a man who...

Working life on the ocean wave

As a ship’s nurse, Leo Hamburger deals with everything from minor injuries to life-...

Caring beyond the bedside

Queen’s Nurse Shorai Dzirambe on how her role has evolved.

The key to success

New technology is changing nurses’ daily work, with many welcome devices freeing up time for...

Support in a time of peril

In the fifth year of the civil war in Syria, nurses working for more than 200 agencies and...

Awareness campaign

I joined NHS Blood and Transplant as a specialist nurse in organ donation in 2012. Having...

All in my day’s work

During the Queen’s Nursing Institute awards ceremony in 2014, England’s chief nursing...

Racing back to hospital practice

When Esther Poveda saw an advert for band 5 nurses at Yeovil District Hospital NHS...

Focus on offenders’ health

Many nurses working in UK prisons are being offered help to mentor offenders thanks to a new...

Less continence stress

Brenda Cheer believes early support is key.