Nicky Hayes

Why care homes are caught between a rock and a hard place

Care home workers in England, including volunteers, must be COVID vaccinated by November

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations, should nurses have a choice?

Concerns should be treated sensitively, but nurses have a duty to protect older people

A survey of nurses involved in assessing the eligibility of older people for NHS continuing healthcare

A survey of nurses involved in assessing the eligibility of older people for NHS...

Why you should read this article: • To gain insight into the complexity of NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) assessments • To reflect on what skills and knowledge are required for the optimal assessment of an older person’s eligibility for CHC • To understand the training and development needs of nurses involved in CHC-associated work Background Nurses in England play a prominent role in NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) assessments, but there are no overview data on their knowledge and educational needs. Aim An online survey was conducted to identify the educational status and development needs of nurses involved in CHC assessments. Method The survey was informed by a literature review and focus group discussions, and distributed via email to the members of the Royal College of Nursing older people’s forum. Descriptive data analysis was undertaken. Results Overall, respondents were confident about their ability to undertake CHC-associated work and manage each aspect of the CHC process. However, respondents were less confident about how to determine whether a primary health need exists based on the four main criteria – nature, complexity, intensity and unpredictability – of a person’s health and social care needs. This was one of the respondents’ priorities for training and development. Conclusion The survey demonstrates the importance of face-to-face and multidisciplinary CHC training delivered locally. It also confirms the need for a standardised approach and more consistency in the CHC assessment process. A CHC competency framework would contribute to standardise the process and benefit all involved.

COVID-19: what can we learn from our care and treatment of older people during the...

The pandemic has underlined the importance of identifying older people living with frailty, delirium and end of life care needs

Community nurse and older person

Where can a career in older people’s care take me?

The options are wide and varied, with new roles in frailty, says specialist nurse Nicky Hayes

Assessment and provision of continuing healthcare: an integrative literature review

Assessment and provision of continuing healthcare: an integrative literature review

Review of providing continuing healthcare in terms of staff roles, training and competencies

NOP 30 years

Looking back at 30 years of older people’s nursing

Older people’s nurses remember three decades of challenges and developments in the specialty

Cover: Advance Care Planning in End of Life, 2nd ed

Book review: Advance Care Planning in End of Life Care

Consultant nurse for older people Nicky Hayes reviews this publication on end of life care

Nicky Hayes

‘Outstanding nurses work with older people across all settings’

Nicky Hayes explains why caring for the frailest older people can be immensely rewarding but needs to be underpinned by structured career pathways


High-achieving nurse can inspire others

The RCNi Nurse Awards ceremony is a showcase of talent and achievement that live on beyond the event.

Book review: Excellent Dementia Care in Hospitals

Nurse consultant for older people, Nicky Hayes reviews Excellent Dementia Care in Hospitals: A Guide to Supporting People with Dementia and their Carers.


Praising the outstanding nursing talent

What the newly-launched RCNi frailty resource (in conjunction with RCN Older people's forum...

We need a new culture of care for older people

As the population ages, we need to end the tug of war between funding and innovation.

Nurses need access to high-quality education in end of life care

A new skills framework to improve end of life care is welcome, but practitioners must be...

Malnutrition in care homes should not be overlooked

In this issue of Nursing Older People we examine three important areas of practice:...

Try to be a skilled companion to older people this Christmas

The holiday season can be a lonely time for many older people.