Book review: Advance Care Planning in End of Life Care

Consultant nurse for older people Nicky Hayes reviews this publication on end of life care

Advance Care Planning in End of Life Care
Keri Thomas, Ben Lobo, Karen Detering (Eds)
Oxford University Press
Second edition
£32.99 | 336pp
ISBN: 9780198802136

Advance care planning (ACP) is of core interest to those of us who work with older people and this definitive publication provides a valuable addition to resources on the subject.

The book provides a comprehensive overview and update on ACP, covering issues that have direct relevance to the older population. It is edited by experts in ACP, with credible chapter authors who between them have contributed a vast range of invaluable knowledge and experience. 

The layout is clear with well-organised chapters that start with a summary, main points and messages. Each chapter progresses through its topic with plenty of practical applications using tools, case studies and examples. 

Topics covered include legal and policy issues, such as discussions and decisions about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and context-specific subjects, such as ACP in care homes, hospitals and hospices. 

The chapter on experience of ACP internationally provides a useful breadth of perspective to inform our practice in the UK. 

Overall, this is an excellent book that will be useful for all nurses who work with people who are approaching the end of life. 

Reviewed by Nicky Hayes, consultant nurse for older people, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, and consultant editor, Nursing Older People

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