Web review: Little Lullaby

Independent primary healthcare adviser Tina Bishop reviews website Little Lullaby, aimed at young parents. 

Babies born to mums under 20 are four times more likely to die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) than those born to older parents. However, young parents are less likely to attend antenatal classes.

A service for young parents run by baby charity The Lullaby Trust has released a series of videos aimed at helping to tackle higher SIDS rates among young parents.  

The videos highlight the importance of health and childcare professionals providing consistent and accurate information on SIDS to young mums and dads. In the videos, young parents are given the chance to talk about the support they would like to receive.

The videos are supported by a new information section for professionals on the Little Lullaby website which includes top tips on working with young parents, written by young parents themselves.

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Compiled by Tina Bishop, independent primary healthcare adviser.

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