Book review: Walking Forward, Looking Back

Practice development nurse Valerie McGurk reviews Walking Forward, Looking Back

Walking Forward, Looking Back

Dinah Lantham

Trobador Books

£8.99 | 160pp

ISBN 9781784620844

The author of Walking Forward, Looking Back is a retired district nurse and midwife and this book is a heartwarming reflection on her experiences of caring for people in their homes as she recalls past events while out walking her dog.

The stories are presented as random memories as she reminisces about her life. They include tales of the people she encountered during her career and the special relationships she formed while caring for people in their own homes in 1960s London.

The book elicits an array of emotions from the reader. The author has evident ability, skill and compassion, which is highlighted when a nursing student asks her what course she should go on so that she can learn to talk to patients in the same way.

The book is a moving and honest account of how nursing use to be when compared with today’s financial and target-driven service.

Reviewed by Valerie McGurk, practice development nurse, paediatrics Northampton General Hospital Trust

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