There has never been a better time to showcase your nursing talents

Julie Sylvester

I have spent more than a few hours over the past month reviewing the vast number of entries we received for the RCNi community nursing award, which is supported by Primary Health Care and sponsored by Superdrug. It has been an eye-opener and a joy.

The quality, breadth and sheer innovation the entrants have displayed have been overwhelming. At a time when nurses working across community and primary care settings are feeling the pressures and strains of economic constraints and patient need, the projects featured reveal just how resilient and driven so many of you are.

Across the board

The projects span across primary care nursing. They range from small-scale schemes set up by single individuals changing an aspect of clinical care to multi-disciplinary teams pulling together to change the health status of whole populations.

From occupational health to rare disease management, from public health to general practice, they show that where there is a noted lack of patient service or need for change, community based nurses are leading innovations in service provision and care.

Many of the projects submitted illustrate moves towards integrated working, cross boundary support and patent self-management. 


Isn’t it wonderful that these nurses have had the confidence to come forward and let us know more about their work? They are brave to put their projects and innovations out to deeper scrutiny.

Many will not make the shortlist, either because it is early days and they should try again in the future, or they have not explained the project and its outcomes for patients and practice in sufficient detail. But believe me, they have all been welcomed and deserve praise.

Watch out for published articles from those who make it through. Could you showcase your work or the work of your team? There has never been a more pertinent time to highlight what you can and are doing. Will it be your project next year? We will be waiting to hear from you.