Animated film highlights the work of district nurses

Animated film from RCN forum puts the focus on district nursing wound care services

Animated film from RCN forum puts the focus on district nursing wound care services


The RCN District Nursing Forum has developed a four minute sketch animation summarising and promoting the work of district nurses UK-wide. Nurses can show the film to patients on their own, or their patients', laptop, tablet or phone, and it is available as a free download.

Although the delivery of district nursing services varies across UK regions and countries, at its core, the delivery of holistic care is the element of district nursing common across the range of chronic, long term conditions housebound patients are treated for.

This animation aims to encapsulate what is common to all district nursing services, while indicating what other provision, such as clinic facilities, may be available. The animation explains what ‘housebound’ is, exploring that this may be temporary depending on patients’ fluctuating conditions and their care commitments, the other members of the multidisciplinary team involved with care delivery and the range of community team roles.

Further film development

The animation is based on a wound care scenario. Up to 40% of district nurse time is spent managing complex wounds. In the future, our aim is to develop further films focusing on other areas of care district nurses and their community teams deliver, including the administration of intravenous medications, end of life care, managing patients with multimorbidities.

Themes that underpin the film

  • Roles that make up the team
  • Importance of person-centred care
  • Location of care delivery
  • Voice of the patient in their care

The ‘core’ provision of district nursing services is often blurred by the many specialist services that have been developed and regional variations in the services offered.

This video sums up what staff and patients can expect, in a fun and engaging way. The video can be used to promote district nursing, while also capitalising on electronic resources now used across the service, and can be shown to patients on their first contact with the service to enhance their expectations.

The film captures team roles, the nature of being housebound and explores that this is not necessarily a permanent classification if the patient’s condition changes.

Useful education resource

This video is intended to enable patients, community teams, nurses new to community nursing and nurses across other settings to understand how district nursing services manage woundcare. It is also, potentially, a useful resource for pre-registration education prior to students commencing their community placement.

We hope you like it. Please share it with your patients.

Click here to download the video

About the author

Julie Green is director of postgraduate studies, senior lecturer in nursing and award lead for specialist community nursing (district nursing) at Keele University, England and RCN District Nurse Forum chair

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