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Relevance of epilepsy training in intellectual disability nursing

Controlled trial analyses nurses' competency to support adults with epilepsy and...

First evidence that prescribing arts schemes can benefit patients

Seven year study analyses the use of prescribing art schemes in south west England.

Vision screening for all older people not recommended

Systematic review investigated effective use of population screening for visual impairment

Flu vaccine

Flu vaccination: the rate of uptake during pregnancy in England

Exploring the role that health professionals play in the dissemination of information about...

Unhappy with GP

General Practice Patient Survey: the effects of ED attendance on primary healthcare

Addressing patient experience of general practice and policies to improve access in primary...

Sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden infant death syndrome: investigating risk factors and safer sleeping practices

Mothers are asked to recall three sudden infant death syndrome strategies and identify risk...

Vulnerable patients most likely to fail to keep GP appointments

Socio-economic factors are a key indicator of why patients miss multiple GP appointments,...

Internet service boosts uptake of STI test for high-risk groups

Providing internet-based testing for sexually transmitted infections could increase the...

Evaluating the use of social prescribing coordinators in general practices

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals.

Case controlled study into detection of vulvovaginal candidiasis

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals.

Patient acceptability of delayed antibiotic prescriptions

Latest research from the nursing and medical journals

Study reveals changing attitudes to unsafe sex

The British National Surveys of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles investigated the rise in...

Nurse-led family programme bids to reduce child neglect

Randomised controlled study investigates the effectiveness of two-hour group meetings with...

More effort required to address needs of self-harming young people

Population cohort study investigated causes of self-harm in children and adolescents.

Telephone-first strategy 'does not necessarily suit all practices'...

Study finds introduction of T1 system increased workload at some general practioners.

Digital interventions to reduce alcoholism 'warrant further investigation'...

Study of more than 34,000 participants found computer- and smartphone-based intercessions '...

South Asian families report perceived stigma attached to asthma diagnosis

Study finds only one in three South Asian families in London attend an annual asthma review.

Assessing the NHS Health Check programme

Systematic review of 20 research studies of patient experience of the NHS Health Check...


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