Research focus

Diabetes self-management

Three articles investigate strategies to support the self-management of diabetes

Supporting carers as individuals to improve quality of life

Three recent studies observe the support given to carers

Young people’s consumption of sugar sweetened beverages

Three papers look at the role health care practitioners can play in educating young people...

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome

This is a chronic debilitating illness and is, for many, a long-term condition. Our focus...

End of life care for homeless people

Research focus: end of life care for homeless people

Homeless people have a shortened life expectancy (Crisis 2012). This digest summarises three...

Advice on sleep position and foetal movement links to stillbirth 

Links between sleep position and foetal movement prior to stillbirth

Blended feeds in children and young people

Aspects of blended feeds in children and young people are explored through the following...

Angelina Jolie

The ‘Angelina Jolie effect’

Three studies evaluating the effect of the film star’s disclosure that she was a carrier of...

Tattoos and piercings

Three recent studies identify the affects tattoos and body piercings have on the nursing...


Three studies on mindfulness-based therapy, recommended for depression management and other...

Music festivals and public health

Three recent summaries analyse the effects music festivals, such as Glastonbury, have on...

Depression and stroke

Three studies investigate the association between stroke and depression following the Stroke...

Physician associates

Three recent studies have looked at the use of physician associates, which have been used

Research focus: sugar consumption

Childhood obesity and dental caries are major public health issues in the UK associated with...

Research focus: E-cigarettes

In recent years e-cigarette use has increased significantly and may be seen as a safer...

Research Focus: Air Pollution

There is increasing evidence that air pollution increases the risk of respiratory, cardiac

Research focus: the transition from child to adult care

This digest summarises three studies that seek to explore or prevent the gap between child

Research focus: green spaces

People are becoming increasingly aware of the positive impact that access to open spaces and