Book review: Spirituality in Hospice Care

Drawing on research and philosophical literature, this book explores spirituality in hospices and end of life care

Spirituality in Hospice Care

Andrew Goodhead and Nigel Hartley (Eds) | Jessica Kingsley | £19.99 | 240pp | ISBN: 9781785921025

Spirituality in Hospice Care

This is an excellent, fascinating and highly accessible read on spirituality in hospice care for professionals in health and social care and the wider public.

Rich and creative narratives on spiritual interactions with patients and families are delivered by a diverse range of experienced hospice healthcare professionals and volunteers.

All authors draw on their own personal understanding of spirituality, death and dying, as well as their work with dying and bereaved people over many years.

They also draw on a variety of research, arts and philosophical literature to demonstrate how spirituality is more than religiosity or an organised agenda of faith.

The book addresses spirituality beyond conceptualising and measurement. It demonstrates how spirituality in hospices and end of life care is a diverse experience that is mysterious, esoteric and often difficult to describe.

Particularly poignant is a description of how hospice staff and volunteers create as a compassionate and supportive community through attention, humility, silence and connectedness, and demonstrate how spirituality is a fundamental part of being human.

I highly recommend this book to any professional or lay person who is interested in spirituality and end of life care and hospice practice.

Reviewed by Kay de Vries, Professor of Older People’s Health, De Montfort University, Leicester

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