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Glucosamine may help prevent cardiovascular disease

Dietary supplement glucosamine may help prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce mortality

Blood tests offer clue to dementia risk

Blood tests using biomarkers could be used to predict dementia risk


Exercise counters functional decline of older people in hospital

Older people in hospital need an exercise programme to avoid discharge with a new disability

Give antibiotics for UTI to lessen sepsis risk

Antibiotics for suspected urinary tract infection in older people lessen the risk of sepsis

Thyroid function changes and cardiovascular health in older people

Studies suggest a higher threshold for treating thyroid problems in older people

Exercise can reduce falls by one quarter

Balance and functional training exercise can reduce falls in older people, a review shows

Obesity could raise risk of dementia

A combination of greater BMI and waist-hip ratio may be a risk factor for brain atrophy

Bioelectronics provides options in treatment of chronic pain

Bioelectrical medicine gives practitioners a fresh outlook on the treatment of chronic pain

Health risks of fried food highlighted

Fried food can pose health risks, especially heart problems, according to a study of US women

Treating Parkinson's

Apomorphine infusion could reduce immobility in people with Parkinson’s disease

Study assesses use of infusion to reduce ‘off time’ in patients

Hip fracture

Opioid use could increase risk of hip fracture in people with Alzheimer’s disease

Moderate or strong opioids linked with increased risk of falls and therefore hip fractures

Senior crossword

Problem-solving games can boost mental ability over a lifetime

Study examines the truth of the ‘use it or lose it’ conjecture on cognitive ability

Higher body mass index linked with lower subjective well-being

Study evaluated the link between subjective well-being and cardiometabolic health

Risk factors for non-motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease

Non-dopaminergic symptoms include dementia, hallucinations and apathy

Assessing patients for intermittent self-catheterisation

Study looked at types of catheter available for intermittent use

Prostate cancer screening does not affect overall mortality

Mortality rates do not improve with early prostate cancer screening, systematic review finds

Novel treatments for neurodegenerative disorders

Developing treatments that stop underlying damage in neurodegenerative disorders

Whole-diet approach important to reduce cardiovascular disease risk

Diet advice issued for people at risk of cardiovascular disease