Book review: Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care

Chemotherapy nurse consultant Catherine Oakley reviews this guide on how to embed cancer care into everyday practice

Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care
Galina Velikova, Lesley Fallowfield, Jane Younger et al
EBN Health
£39.99 | 272pp
ISBN: 9780995595408

This excellent guide is part of a problem-solving series developed and prepared by the Association of Cancer Physicians. It brings together medical oncologists, psychologists, cancer nurses and allied health professionals as authors to truly define patient centred cancer care and how to embed this within everyday practice. 

Patient centred care is highlighted as everyone’s business and is achieved through integrating expert knowledge and skill related to ‘cancer the disease’ and the ‘person with cancer.’ Combined clinical and technical excellence, good communication, empathy and knowing and involving patients in decisions about their care forms the backbone of this book. 

The focus on performance related outcome measures (PROMs) is of particular interest to cancer nursing. This shows how PROMS may be integrated through health informatics to collect information from the patient’s perspective (such as to understand and control symptoms). 

I would highly recommend this as an excellent handbook and training tool for cancer nurses. The first half of the book provides the theory. Later, 25 complex case studies bring the earlier text alive. The stories will resonate with the reader as patient-centred issues are at the heart of each clinical case studied. 

Catherine Oakley is a chemotherapy nurse consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and immediate past president for the UK Oncology Nursing Society (UKONS)

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