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Tips on achieving Nurse Awards success

RCNi Nurse Awards 2018 is open for entries. One of the judges, Caroline Shuldham, offers some advice on making sure your project stands out

schwartz round
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Caroline Shuldham: Schwartz rounds help ease stress, foster teamwork

Attending Schwartz rounds enables staff to share experiences with colleagues and discuss the challenges they face. Not only does this reduce emotional stress, it leads to improved teamwork and increased empathy and compassion, says Caroline Shuldham.

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Caroline Shuldham: Collaborative audits are a vital part of the nursing toolkit

When staff work in terms to decide how to improve care, results can be highly effective.

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Change and challenge: 30 years of senior nursing

If you could turn back time, would you? A senior nurse today may have more influence than their 1987 counterpart but they are also working in a complex system under huge pressure. Caroline Shuldham marks Nursing Standard’s 30th birthday by examining the development of senior nursing roles over the past three decades.

Support after error
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Dealing with the emotional response to errors

Errors can be devastating for all involved, evoking feelings of guilt, self-blame and anxiety among staff. Learning how to cope with these emotions is essential in rebuilding self-esteem and confidence, says former nursing director Caroline Shuldham

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Caroline Shuldham: Be prepared for the next major incident

Good preparation, as well as heroism and commitment, was responsible for the impressive response of nurses who cared for those injured in the attacks in London and Manchester.

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Caroline Shuldham: The nurse director role is tougher than ever

The responsibilities of leadership in today's NHS are vast, but in the right organisation the top job can still be immensely rewarding.

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Caroline Shuldham: Looking after yourself and your colleagues

With nurses in all settings experiencing increased pressure and greater demands, it has never been more important to look after your health and well-being, says Caroline Shuldham.

Cancer Nursing Practice

Judges impressed by cancer nursing team's commitment

Caroline Shuldham pays tribute to Cancer Nursing Practice award winner and finalists

Value for money-Alamy.jpg
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Caroline Shuldham: how nurses can improve quality while controlling costs

The start of the financial year means a focus on budgets, but cost evaluation is not just about money. Caroline Shuldham explains why, in healthcare, it pays to find out what is possible.

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Caroline Shuldham: Understanding and learning from patient experience

Observing patients and listening to their experiences can give nurses real insight into how care and services can be improved, says Caroline Shuldham.

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Caroline Shuldham: the challenges of coping with change and spreading improvement

Drawing on The Health Foundation's three key lessons for spreading successful improvement will help all nurses contribute positively to change, says Caroline Shuldham.

Nurses take a break
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Caroline Shuldham: What’s your story?

Listening to colleagues’ stories will help you better understand and support them in challenging times, says Caroline Shuldham.

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Grow your own career

When asked to write an article 30 years ago, Caroline Shuldham had reservations. Now, writing is a big part of her career. Here, she explains why you should keep an open mind to similar offers.

Measuring data
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Caroline Shuldham: Why you have to measure data to improve services

Using data effectively can help nurses to identify areas for change, says Caroline Shuldham.

Fitness tracker
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Behavioural insights can help effect change

Understand why people behave the way they do and you can ‘nudge’ them in a better direction, says Caroline Shuldham.

Agency nurses
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Get the best from agency nurses

Agency and permanent staff have a responsibility to ensure high standards when they work together, says Caroline Shuldham.

Caroline Shuldman
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A senior nurse explains the benefits of reflection

Reflecting on your practice is not just a task to perform as part of revalidation, says former nursing director Caroline Shuldham