Book review: The Flight Of The Black Necked Swans

Senior patient flow sister Anne Boyle reviews The Flight Of The Black Necked Swans

The Flight Of The Black Necked Swans

Milton Peña Vásquez

UK Book Publishing

£7.99 | 378pp

ISBN: 9781910223642

This is an account of one man’s beliefs, the love of his homeland and his love of the NHS. Starting in Chile, where he fought for the rights of the people, it goes on to his fight for the rights of staff and patients in the NHS.

This will be an interesting read for nurses, front-line staff and managers, as it gives insight into issues that are ongoing in UK hospitals. It is a consultant’s real-life battle to provide an adequate safe caring environment for his patients and colleagues. It describes his belief in his teams and how, if teams work together, they can stand up to anything.

The first 30 pages were a struggle, but it is worth persevering. Reading this has renewed my belief that we should all work as a part of a team to not only provide the best patient experience, but also the best staff experience.

Reviewed by Anne Boyle, senior patient flow sister at the University Hospital of North Durham


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