Book review: Advanced Practice Palliative Nursing

Advanced Practice Palliative Nursing


Constance Dahlin, Patrick J Coyne, Betty R Ferrell (Eds)

Oxford University Press

£90 | 648pp

ISBN: 9780190204747

The book offers a detailed account of the complexities of palliative care nursing, while also developing new ideas for practice improvement.

The use of case studies illustrates how the skills and knowledge of palliative care nurses can be used in everyday practice. The case studies tend to have positive outcomes, however, the reality is that sometimes the system lets patients down or we get things wrong. It would have been useful to include such cases for comparison.

The evolving role of the specialist palliative care nurse across various settings is recognised, for example, ICUs. The importance of continuous learning is also emphasised.

Concise overview

It is well structured and readers would find it easy to identify relevant sections or to follow as a full text. Chapters are clearly defined and key points and conclusions give a concise overview.

As an American publication, some content will not readily apply to UK practice. However, this does not deter from the merit of the book in bringing together all aspects of the subject in one text. It is a refreshing addition to the literature and I recommend it for personal libraries.

Reviewed by Kelly Critcher, clinical nurse specialist, Specialist Palliative Care Team, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow

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