The legacy of a cancer nurse

As the newly appointed editor for Cancer Nursing Practice, I want to do what I can to provide a resource that is not only informative for cancer nurses, but serves as inspiration for best practice in their fields. 

While patients may not always directly show their gratitude, the wonderful work that cancer nurses do is never forgotten. 

The comfort and care a Macmillan nurse provided my father when he was terminally ill with lung cancer will never leave my memory. I remember the care they provided in his last few weeks, respecting his dignity and giving my family much needed respite.

My father passed away when I was 16. Despite the many years that have passed, I often think of the nurse who placed her hand on my shoulder just after he died, and offered words of comfort to help me come to terms with my grief.

'The impressions made by cancer nurses are long-lasting'

It is therefore sad to read that a nurse has had to grapple with a complaint she received from a patient (see Opinion section). Regardless of what the complaint is about and whether the nurse is in the wrong, employers must ensure proper support structures are in place to help them cope with the situation.

As I embark on my editorship, I would like readers to freely get in touch with me to share their news, views and best practice. This is your journal to help inform you in your roles, and I welcome an open dialogue with you.