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Northern Ireland

Primary care nurses receive training to take on more of GPs' roles

A partnership of GP practices is funding two-year master's programmes to train nurses

Remote nurse team goes the extra mile

Being a Macmillan nurse in any setting can present challenges – but when you are based on the Outer Hebrides, your journey to see a patient could include a ferry or a plane trip

Why inadequate sex education makes some UK girls confused about menstruation

How nurses can help girls improve their understanding of periods

Assistants in nursing

A new approach to de-escalating mental health service users’ violent behaviour in ED...

Researchers in Australia believe they may have come up with a new role for nursing students in helping to tackle the rising number of violent service users in emergency departments.

Placing patients at the heart of nurse handovers

Nursing handovers between shifts on cancer wards have traditionally been badly organised and unproductive, says nurse researcher Lena Sharp.

Creating an openness around death and dying

Through surveys and interviews, and following in Woody Allen's footsteps, Macmillan Cancer Support want to highlight the importance of discussing death and dying with family and friends.

Not enough is being done to cut risk of death after cardiac arrest, says expert group

A group of cardiac experts and campaigners on the Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest steering group says that not enough is being done to cut the number of people who die following cardiac arrests


Nurses buoyant despite staff cuts eroding job satisfaction

Learning disability nurses are struggling to do their jobs properly because of inadequate staffing, however the level of ‘overall engagement’ is rising, suggesting buoyancy in the face of crisis, according to the 2016 NHS Staff Survey.

How have the demands on emergency care for young people changed in England over ten...

A study carried out by the Nuffield Trust and the Health Foundation has analysed whether the demand for emergency care of children and young people has changed over the past decade.

Animal hospital – the therapeutic use of pets

Recent guidelines have stated how the use of animals can improve the mental well-being of patients who have long-term conditions.

Modern matron's role praised for impact on end of life care

Michelle McKidd reveals how her unusual role, which spans hospital, community and social services, is breaking new ground in delivering palliative and end of life care

Unfilled shifts

Warning over unfilled shifts under new agency rules

Many shifts could remain unfilled after restrictions on NHS staff doing agency work are introduced, early survey results suggest.

Half of UK patients with leukaemia do not have access to clinical nurse specialist

Leukaemia Care survey finds that only 49% of respondents have access to a clinical nurse...

Revamp of neonatal services in Scotland on the way

The Scottish Government is considering recommendations for a major revamp of neonatal...

'Virtual wards': how nurses are managing care at home

GPs have highlighted innovative work by nurses in knitting together health and social care...

Nurse-led clinic reports 'significant' fall in HIV diagnoses

A nurse-led sexual health clinic has reported a 'significant' 40% fall in HIV...

Barcoding medication and replacement hips ‘could save NHS £1 billion’

Replacement hips and breast implants are to have barcodes as part of an NHS scheme to reduce...

Nurses’ achievements recognised in new year’s honours

Leading Mary Seacole statue campaigner and the UK’s only nursing professor of stroke care...