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RCN president Cecilia Anim
Nursing Standard

Nurses must work together to make voices heard, urges RCN president

RCN president Cecilia Anim is urging nurses to make their voices heard through petitions,...

GPs under severe winter pressures
Nursing Standard

Community nurse and GP caseloads mean no time for chronic disease management, warns top doctor

Community nurses and GPs will spend so much time ‘firefighting’ urgent cases this winter...

Pfizer's is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world
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Mother and son lobby to use drug company fines to fund specialist epilepsy nurses

A mother and son who both have epilepsy are petitioning the UK government to fund a ‘new...

Nursing Standard

From free concerts to £5k tips

Nurses have paid tribute to George Michael for championing the profession – and recalled how he once put on a concert especially for them.

Top performer ratings
Mental Health Practice

Top performance ratings for two mental health service providers

Two mental health service providers and their staff make a strong impression on service...

Primary Health Care

Top five tips on inhaler use and technique

Inhaler treaatment for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may appear straightforward, but nurses need to keep close tabs on those in their care to ensure they achieve the best possible results, argues practice nurse Aud-Marit Walker.

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The NHS needs you – and it has to work harder than ever to keep you

The number of employers in the NHS paying extra to attract or retain staff in England is falling.

Nursing Children and Young People

Virtual children’s ward brings the hospital into the home

Lead nurse Zoe Tribble believes she manages a unique service. She oversees four other nurses in a team of outreach workers who deliver a ‘virtual ward’ service to babies and children in their own homes who would traditionally have had to stay in hospital. There are other teams that do a similar job, but none manage it from 7am-11pm every day of the year and can complete three visits a day to patients, Ms Tribble argues

Nursing Management

Providing health care from army camp to civvy street

Not many nurses have to learn to use a pistol and rifle, but Elizabeth Shillito did. It was part of training during her 22-year career as a nurse in the Royal Air Force (RAF), which has taken her all over the world, including to the war zones of Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan

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Safeguarding lone workers

An alarm device hidden in an ID badge can provide extra security for lone workers.

Nursing Standard

Non-EU nurses face early exit

New government rules could lead to a skills drain of valuable nursing staff from overseas.

Learning Disability Practice

Using modified classical music to aid continence in children

The article describes the use of modified classical music to help children who have speech and mobility problems to become continent. Of the 17 three to five-year-old children involved in the project, ten were fully toilet trained after ten weeks, and the rest had graduated into trainer pants.

Learning Disability Practice

Raising awareness of dysphagia among healthcare professionals

Many people with learning disabilities and complex needs have swallowing difficulties that can be potentially dangerous if they are not given appropriate food and drink. Speech and language therapists are helping keep them safe by training health and social care staff and carers in the management of dysphagia and other eating and drinking problems.

Learning Disability Practice

Teaching people the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise

Funded by NHS Swindon, the Friday Fit Club is a 12-week course which aims to tackle obesity by providing sessions that include physical exercise and education about healthy eating. Sessions are designed specifically to hold clients’ attention and include the opportunity to taste a variety of foods. Participants’ weights and lifestyles are monitored during the programme. The programme organiser, Swindon Borough Council, found that at follow up three out of six participants of one course had continued to lose weight.

Learning Disability Practice

Providing services in an island community

Staff working on the Isle of Wight have to deliver services that would be provided by external organisations on the mainland. With no purchaser/ provider split and the absence of specialist services, they face a unique, and sometimes challenging situation.

Learning Disability Practice

Passing the screen test

It is tricky trying to get people with learning disabilities to come forward for cancer screening. One problem is that they might have difficulties reading invitation letters, but there is also a strong fear factor. Most do not have a good understanding of screening procedures and the prospect of going to a hospital is daunting.

Learning Disability Practice

A tough act to follow

More people attended London’s theatres in 2008 than in any other year on record. Almost 14 million people attended the capital’s auditoria, the Society of London Theatre said.

Learning Disability Practice

Let’s talk about sex

Mark Breslin once came ac ros s a group of women aged from 63 to 83 who couldn’t explain what menstruation was or how their bodies worked. They all had learning disabilities and had been kept in the dark about fundamental aspects of their lives.