Wendy Johnson

Image of a young woman looking out of the window while in isolation

Planet Rachael: what’s new about our COVID-19 world?

Wendy Johnson observes that being in isolation is all too familiar to a neuroatypical person

Picture of a Cadbury Curly Wurly bar. Wendy Johnson says a long wait in an emergency department underlined the wisdom of telling people the true situation at the outset.

Planet Rachael: why the Curly Wurly theory could extend to managing ED expectations

A long wait in a hospital shows it’s wise to disclose the true situation at the outset

Happy LD nurses

Planet Rachael: could this be the year of the ‘lovely’ nurse?

Staff attitudes and behaviour fail to meet expectations but are easy to fix

Planet Rachael: schools need training to support pupils on the autistic spectrum

Ignorance could damage our children, says Wendy Johnson

Image show young man with a learning disability using an adapted computer

Planet Rachael: Our changing world needs to be all-inclusive

People with learning disabilities should also benefit from digital advances

Learning disabilities

Planet Rachael: Time to debunk assumptions about learning disability and sexual health

Healthcare professionals should provide good quality care for all servicer users

Planet Rachael: Food for thought over learning life skills

Wendy Johnson finds joy in Rachael’s efforts at cooking, despite her choice of recipes

Planet Rachael: Learning disability and autism improvement standards are a game changer

A new year’s email gave Wendy Johnson the chance to celebrate a breakthrough in quality improvement

Planet Rachael: When lack of knowledge leads to exclusion from mental health support

Wendy Johnson describes the frustration of trying to obtain mental health support

Planet Rachael

Planet Rachael: making reasonable adjustments to ensure our holiday is all plane...

Getting on a flight with a child who has autism can be challenging

Why we need a plan to shift individual blame culture

Will rethinking the concept of accountability shift the individual blame culture in the NHS?

Hospital passport paperwork

Doing simple things can improve care for people with learning disabilities

Talking to patients and those close to them, as well as checking health passports, can help to improve treatment

Would you recommend your hospital to a friend?

The devil is in the detail – and especially relevant in patient feedback writes Wendy Johnson

Planet Rachael: when is a service a good one and how can you tell?

Wendy Johnson wants to know how you tell the difference from good quality and bad quality...

Planet Rachael: ensure inclusivity when embracing the new digital NHS

Wendy Johnson wants to know whether we should walk before we can run when it comes to new...

Planet Rachael: be more dog and live for now

Self-managing at work is a big task. But so are the demands of the job. Wendy Johnson tells...

Planet Rachael: the pain of getting a tattoo

Wendy Johnson's daughter Rachael got her first tattoo following years of talk and no action...

Planet Rachael: know when to keep it simple and unambiguous

The nuances and ambiguities of the English language can lead to misinterpretation, so don't...