Lynne Pearce

Picture is an illustration of a woman in nursing uniform touching an image in a mirror of herself wearing everyday clothes. Two nurses and a doctor share their experiences of having cancer and offer a unique perspective on cancer care
Cancer Nursing Practice

Our cancer experience: health professionals share their stories and offer advice

Two nurses and a breast surgeon offer a unique perspective on cancer care

Obesity and overweight is more common in nurses than other professional groups, research has found
Nursing Standard

Why being an overweight nurse matters - and what to do about it

Management support and simple steps can make a big difference to a growing problem

Picture shows a group of older people doing stretch exercises. Prevention of health problems among older people should be a cornerstone of geriatric medicine, and nurses have an important role to play.
Nursing Older People

How nurses can promote healthy ageing and prevention

Prevention is the cornerstone of geriatric medicine

Lauren Johnston
Nursing Standard

How I make the emergency department less daunting for people with learning disabilities

Lauren Johnston describes her work in a pioneering nursing role

Picture shows a young woman wearing a headscarf after radiation therapy looking pensive as she uses her phone. A self-help app called Untire can help cancer patients and survivors regain their energy.
Cancer Nursing Practice

Cancer-related fatigue: symptoms and management with Untire app

A self-help app offers people who have cancer-related fatigue support, advice and tips

Picture shows a scene from the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. A nurse is producing podcasts that aim to dispel myths about mental illness, remove stigma and give patients a voice.
Nursing Standard

Nurse’s podcasts tell true story of life on mental health wards

Podcasts aim to dispel myths about mental illness, remove stigma and give patients a voice

Picture shows theatre nurse Marie Taniacao with the da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system. Her course at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust will give her the skills to assist surgeons during robotic operations.
Nursing Standard

Harnessing the power of robotics allows me to retain the human touch

A theatre nurse reflects on how her high-tech role enhances patient contact

Diabetes distress is the term used to describe the emotional toll the condition and its management can have an an individual
Nursing Standard

Diabetes: why managing the condition is about so much more than blood sugar levels

People can find the emotional demands relentless, leading to diabetes distress or burnout

Nurses Emma Cuthbert and Chelsea Jackson from the oncology ward at Northampton General Hospital
Nursing Standard

What it’s like working as an oncology nurse

Joining a cancer ward can be daunting, but it allows you to work closely with patients

Nursing Standard

Diabetes: what nurses can learn from peer support groups

Young, newly diagnosed adults value a positive approach that makes them feel less isolated

illustration shows woman sitting hugging her legs, with a clock behind
Nursing Standard

Mental health and menopause: how to identify symptoms and offer support

RCN guidance on the psychological symptoms of the menopause

Image shows nurse practice educator Annamma Wilson with newly qualified nurse Lucy Heald
Nursing Standard

Clinical practice educators are vital in helping nurses achieve career goals

Two newly qualified nurses reflect on the support they receive to enhance their nursing...

Justin Mwange, a newly qualified nurse in Hull
Nursing Standard

My experience of suffering can make me a more compassionate nurse

A former refugee explains why years living in a camp convinced him he had to become a nurse

Illustration highlighting the elements involved in day-to-day management of diabetes
Nursing Standard

Empowering inpatients with diabetes: how to improve safety and reduce errors

Enabling self-administration of insulin recognises patients as experts in their own care

Participants in a fellowship programme at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The trust devised the programme to attract nurses and encourage them to stay.
Nursing Standard

How to attract and retain brilliant nurses

A trust has devised a fellowship to boost the careers of talented staff

Asking staff what they think about their workplace can have benefits for morale and patient care
Nursing Standard

What matters to nurses: does your organisation know?

One trust dared to open a conversation with staff – and faced some uncomfortable truths

two nurses confer on a ward
Nursing Standard

Clinical nurse educator: the role that brings learning to the bedside

Clinical educators are vital to improving care, but they can feel isolated in their workplace

bag of blood ready for transfusion – complying with safety protocols and positive patient identification are essential to reduce risk
Nursing Standard

Blood transfusion: the common procedure that can go disastrously wrong

Stakes are high when managing blood products – here’s how nurses can prevent errors