Lynne Pearce

Carolyn Fox with ward staff
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How does your manager recognise excellent practice?

Chief nurse Carolyn Fox explains the power of celebrating what staff do well

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‘Effective CPR can be taught in less than 20 minutes – and that’s time well spent’

Nursing students in Scotland held a teaching event that trained more than 135 people

Sucad Yousuf and Idiatu Arewa
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From student to staff nurse: advice for a smooth transition

How to make the most of preceptorship, plus practical tips from educators and new registrants

Healthcare professionals and patient site around a table
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Shared decision-making: how nurses can help patients weigh up the issues

A person-centred approach will make interventions easier for patients to understand

patient points to visual analogue tool
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Chronic pain: how to support patients by asking the right questions

What you need to know about assessing an individual’s experience of pain

Student nurse in general practice
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The network for general practice nurses of the future

How student ambassadors are helping to promote the specialty as a first-choice career

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Help patients plan for a potential health crisis

The ReSPECT scheme uses advance discussions to make care choices for a future emergency

nurse listens to patient
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Three minutes to save a life: the course designed to raise suicide awareness

University initiative aims to equip all staff and students to support people at risk

Pauline Angell
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Adapting the NEWS early warning tool to assess patients in the community

Creating baseline measurements in the patient’s own home ‘makes perfect sense’

Jimmi Ronaldson
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Is this your next challenge in emergency care?

A retrieval service role combines the fundamentals of nursing and the pressure of trauma care

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Older LGBT people find a welcome at the rainbow café

How nurses can support people facing memory loss, isolation and the fear of discrimination?

Man uses an inhaler
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COPD flare-ups: how to end the ‘gross overuse’ of antibiotics

Earlier and better patient education is needed to promote self-management

Talking about death
Cancer Nursing Practice

It’s okay to talk about dying

How healthcare professionals can overcome their reluctance to talk to patients about death and dying

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Creating a fast track into practice nursing

A training course aims to provide everything needed for a career as a practice nurse

Rachael Lambe and Ellen Soutter
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‘We want to take the fear out of giving end of life care’

Two students have developed a training module to allay the concerns of first-years

access to medical files
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Why data and informatics are words to get excited about

Helping set standards for how information is used gives nurses a say in improving practice

Ross and Yvonne dance together
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From kitchen to care home: ‘my career change is as rewarding as it gets’

Care worker and prospective nursing student Ross Balmer outlines his ambitions

Zoe Butler
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We should be building people up, not knocking them down

Zoe Butler explains how she is using her role as a university lecturer to inspire students