Lynne Pearce

Eunice Ezeani
Nursing Standard

Nursing in the UK: my advice for international nurses

A Nigerian nurse who has settled in England explains how she helps others do the same

Remote support for families during COVID-19 pandemic
Nursing Standard

COVID-19: supporting people with dementia during the pandemic

How an Admiral nurse has adapted her role to help families cope during the crisis

Think theory 19
Nursing Standard

Let’s quash the criticism of nursing students opting for theory-only studies

Those continuing their studies online amid COVID-19 need support, not judgement

Nathan Harrison
Nursing Standard

COVID-19: how working at the Nightingale has changed my student experience

Two students describe their first weeks in the workplace, and what has helped them cope

Picture shows woman cancer patient lying in a hospital bed.
Cancer Nursing Practice

New treatment possibility for some cancer patients

Larotrectinib is approved by NICE as an option for NTRK fusion-positive solid tumours

Mental health during COVID-19 pandemic
Nursing Standard

Life in lockdown: how social distancing complicates existing mental health conditions

Mental health nurses discuss how the pandemic affects clients and disrupts services

Rebecca Hackfath
Nursing Standard

COVID-19: what it’s like working and studying in the middle of a pandemic

One nursing student’s experience working at an isolation unit for mental health patients

Cancer Nursing Practice

Surgery school speeds up cancer patients’ recovery

Promoting healthier lifestyles lifts general mood and prepares people for surgery

Shopping volunteer delivering supplies
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COVID-19: how a neighbourhood volunteer scheme is teaching me about leadership

One nursing student is coordinating a network of support for vulnerable community members

Picture shows a woman wearing household gloves and holding a cleaning sponge looking at patches of mould. Poor air quality in the home is linked to a range of health problems, and guidance from NICE suggests how to achieve improvements.
Nursing Standard

Improving air quality at home: what to advise patients

NICE guidance on risks for those with allergies or respiratory or cadiovascular conditions

head of mental health nursing for NHS England and NHS Improvement Emma Wadey
Nursing Standard

The nurse leader who is determined to keep one foot on the front line of care

Emma Wadey is a nurse at the top of the NHS, but don’t ask her to give up clinical practice

Andy Thurgood arriving at a road traffic accident
Nursing Standard

I make clinical decisions at emergency incidents – and as a nurse I bring so much more

Pre-hospital emergency medicine consultant nurse Andy Thurgood on his challenging role

University programmes can help to restore skills and confidence of qualified nurses who want to return to nursing
Nursing Standard

Is a return-to-practice course right for you?

How a 16-week programme tackles the challenges of returning after a career break

Picture is an illustration of a woman in nursing uniform touching an image in a mirror of herself wearing everyday clothes. Two nurses and a doctor share their experiences of having cancer and offer a unique perspective on cancer care
Cancer Nursing Practice

Our cancer experience: health professionals share their stories and offer advice

Two nurses and a breast surgeon offer a unique perspective on cancer care

Obesity and overweight is more common in nurses than other professional groups, research has found
Nursing Standard

Why being an overweight nurse matters - and what to do about it

Management support and simple steps can make a big difference to a growing problem

Picture shows a group of older people doing stretch exercises. Prevention of health problems among older people should be a cornerstone of geriatric medicine, and nurses have an important role to play.
Nursing Older People

How nurses can promote healthy ageing and prevention

Prevention is the cornerstone of geriatric medicine

Lauren Johnston
Nursing Standard

How I make the emergency department less daunting for people with learning disabilities

Lauren Johnston describes her work in a pioneering nursing role

Picture shows a young woman wearing a headscarf after radiation therapy looking pensive as she uses her phone. A self-help app called Untire can help cancer patients and survivors regain their energy.
Cancer Nursing Practice

Cancer-related fatigue: symptoms and management with Untire app

A self-help app offers people who have cancer-related fatigue support, advice and tips